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Family Fun Days Indoors – Skydiving and Moving Ski Slopes! 

When my wife told me she was going indoor skydiving with her friend, I thought she may have had one too many glasses of wine, especially as she has an aversion to heights! However she was deadly serious and on the appointed date I assumed the role of chauffeur and (very) interested spectator and took them down to Airkix Indoor Skydiving at the Skiplex centre in Basingstoke.

Whilst my wife and her friend were getting kitted out and going through a very comprehensive briefing, I watched the previous group ‘take to the air’. This was a family party group with a parent, a couple of lads in their late teens and two younger children. One was a girl of around 14 and the other a younger boy of 11 or 12.

A brilliant, exciting, fun experience that can be enjoyed by all of the family.

What was immediately evident was that the whole group were having an absolutely fantastic experience. Even though the ‘flight’ only lasted a minute (you get two goes at it during the session) all of them, especially the two younger children were having the time of their lives. In fact the young boy was so enthused that he had an extra skydive and his smile would have lit up a small town!

What a brilliant idea for a fun experience that can be enjoyed by all of the family I thought, and wished something like this had been around when my two boys had been younger.

Airkix have other indoor skydiving centres in Manchester and Milton Keynes so people all over the country can enjoy the adrenalin rush and just think of the bragging rights the children enjoy when explaining to their friends what they did in the holidays or at the weekend.

Indoor Skiing on a moving ski slope!

While all this was going on I also spent time watching the activities on the indoor Skiplex ski slope opposite. None of this trudging back up to the top after each run, the slope itself moves and you stay in the same place, practicing your skiing skills.

Again there was a family group of adults with children as young as about 6 enjoying the fun. I spoke to one of the instructors who told me that there was a choice of skiing or snowboarding for people of all abilities and ages – please note that 4 years old is the youngest they take. Groups can hire the slope for up to an hour with a maximum group size of six.

Both facilities are in a complex that includes an ice skating rink and a cinema so you can make it a really great family day out and one to remember for so many different reasons.

We hope this has given you some inspiration in your search for Exciting, Fun Places to go for all the Family.  We would love to hear from you if you go indoor skydiving or moving slope skiing – please come back to us and add a review. Or if you have any other suggestions for an exciting family day out we’d be delighted to hear about it!

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