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Memorable Go Ape Adventures in the UK

Does the term “Go Ape” sound familiar? Let’s just say it’s one of the newest, coolest, and most adventurous types of family sport. There are lots of outdoor activities families can do on a warm Sunday in and around London. Go ape is one of the best. Zip-lining, tree-swinging, and adventurous monkey-like activities, all define the go ape course experience. Are you up for the adventure of a lifetime? Let’s check out some of the best Go Ape adventures in the UK

Go Ape Aberfoyle, Scotland

Go Ape Aberfoyle

Go Ape Aberfoyle is thought to be a zip wire haven for families with kids. Located in Queen Elizabeth Park, this place will sweep you off your feet; literally. You’ll fly 46 m above ground level, which is insane. The adventure centre has one of the longest zip wires in Britain; many consider it the mecca for go ape fanatics, adventure lovers, and thrill seekers.

All kids deserve to have a good time; in fact, with so much advanced technology around us, getting them out of the house is a great idea. Go Ape Aberfoyle has one of the biggest and most adventurous off-road cycle networks in the UK; their Tarzan swings, and a wide variety of crossings and obstacles; making it the perfect environment to spend quality time with your loved ones on the weekend.

Go Ape Battersea, London

Go Ape Battersea

Located right on the south bank of the Thames, Go Ape Battersea redefines the word “adventure”. It also gives a new definition to the classic tree top experience.  One of the best activities families can try out here is knee-knocking crossings. Go Ape Battersea is London’s urban jungle; a place where kids will have loads of fun. Flying above the Zig Zag Bridge, and feeling the thrill deep into the bones, is an experience you’ll never forget. There are lots of obstacles to cross; and each will fuel your drive to move further, strive harder, and have the best time.

Go Ape Bedgebury, Kent

Go Ape Bedgebury

Kent is well-known for its beautiful greenery. Bedgebury, in particular, has one of the world’s most diversified collection of conifers. You can imagine how breathtaking this place it! Are you ready to brave the heights? Go Ape Bedgebury offers jaw-dropping views from the zips and wires; Kent’s arboretum is stunning.

Rope ladders, zip wires, Tarzan swings, and loads of obstacles are all set to be conquered. Kids will fall in love with the Chestnut forest; the adventures are different, puzzling, and unexpected. That’s exactly why we love this English jungle.

Go Ape Buxton

Go Ape Buxton

England packs amazing Go Ape locations. Buxton prides with having the highest courses. Located in the heart of Peak District making it one of my favourite Go Ape adventures in the UK, Go Ape Buxton is a great place to explore with toddlers. Make sure to include Poole’s Cavern on your itinerary; the all-natural limestone cave will leave you speechless. As far activities are concerned, the adventure park has incredible Tarzan swings and zip wires for enthusiastic adventurers. Summer is the best time of the year to check it out. It exudes peace, tranquility, and over 3 hours of pure fun on the ropes.

Go Ape Bracknell

Go Ape Bracknell

Bracknell is included in the stunning Swinley Forest; which comprises 2,600+ acres of lush woodland spread across the undulating hills. Families with enthusiastic tots will love this place. The woods are the perfect environment for biking adventures, too. The Look Out Discovery Centre packs 90+ activities for kids of all ages. There’s plenty to do there to keep the busy and entertained.

The Go Ape Bracknell zip wire trips, rope ladders and Tarzan swings take about 3 hours to complete. Can you overcome the obstacles, and make the most of your journey? Run away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and let the adventure begin at Bracknell. Watch out for the Pendulum Pass. They say it’s tough to conquer.

Go ape adventures in the UK are fun, memorable experiences. Do something different this summer, and get on the ropes! Have the best time with your loved ones, and get a taste of the thrill exploring our 5 top picks. After testing them, let us know which location exceeded your expectations.

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