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Szechenyi Baths, Budapest, Hungary

Szechenyi Baths

Indoor and outdoor thermal baths with medicinal natural hot spring waters offering 18 pools, 10 saunas / steam cabins, several massage therapies and facial treatments. The Szechenyi Baths Budapest has something for everyone.

It’s a lovely place to relax outdoor in summer but my favourite time to book is winter when the warm water melts away the freezing cold temperatures. Just be warned, your towel may freeze if you leave it outdoors for long.

9-11 Allatkerti korut Street,


District 14,


Szechenyi Bath

Monday to Sunday, all week, all seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter)

  • Outdoor Pools: 6 am – 10 pm
  • Indoor Thermal Pools: 6 am – 10 pm
  • Steam cabins and Saunas: 6 am – 10 pm
  • Bath Tours (15 min): 10am – 4pm
  • Buffet of Szechenyi Bath: 10 am – 7 pm
  • Exceptions: national holidays when the bath is open for shorter hours, or during the same hours but at weekend prices (see below)

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