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Tips to Picking Fun Places To Go With The Family

Here we are at the start of another year and our thoughts are turning to what to do with the children for the rest of it. Instead of them being cooped up with their computer games or spending endless hours on their phones or tablets, we want to find things to do so that they can see new places and have new experiences that they can enjoy and that will enrich their lives at the same time. Here are our tips for finding Fun Places To Go With The Family.

Fortunately no matter where you live in Britain there are some great places to visit where the whole family can have a fantastic fun day out. From Lands End to John O’ Groats you can find all manner of attractions, activities and entertainment to keep the little ones happy and give you some time to relax.

Our purpose at Are We There Yet Kids is to highlight fun places to go and interesting things to see that give parents great ideas for making the most of family time with their children.

From our own experience and those of the many parents we have talked to, here are some tips to making your family day out a success.

Don’t Go Too Far

If there is one sure way of having a fractious child, it is to coop them up in a car for hours on end. Whether setting off from home or your holiday location pick fun places to go that are within easy reach. Depending on the age of the children this can range from up to an hour to no more that two  – any more than that and they won’t be in the mood for any fun when you get there.

Plan Your Fun Day Out

Rather than jumping in the car and aimlessly driving around looking for something to do, have a plan of where you are going and what you are going to do. The local tourist office or where you are staying will have plenty of information of local attractions and places to visit. Or check things out on Are We There Yet Kids – new fun places for families are being added all the time.

Check the opening times too. There’s nothing worse than arriving only to find it is shut on a Tuesday! Disappointment and tantrums will prevail.

Also get as much information as you can about where you are going. That way you can spend the journey firing up the interest of the children so they are excited just to get there. “Did you know that……” is a great way to spark an inquisitive mind.

Tips to picking fun places to go with the family

Make It Varied

Children have a very short attention span and can easily get bored if they are in one place and doing the same thing for too long. You may find looking at various species of butterflies interesting but will a six year old? Mixing things to do with things to see is always a good idea and if this is not available where you are going, add in a visit to a park or an activity centre so they can let off steam.

Make Sure It Appeals To All Of The Family

While little Johnny may really enjoy the adventure park or looking at steam trains, Molly may have a very different idea of a fun place to go. Try to pick places or activities that you know they both enjoy- there a thousands to choose from.

Beware too of places where there can be a lot of walking or hills, especially if you have little ones or are taking the grandparents. There are oodles of nice flat places where everything is easily accessible.

Think about the weather

Like it or not, what can seem like a nice summer’s day when you leave home can quickly turn into a wet and windy one. Make sure you check the weather forecast – it’s pretty reliable these days and pick places where there are fun things to do inside as well. Somewhere with a fun-factory or indoor activity centre is great if you have little ones and of course, everyone likes going to a swimming pool – especially one with slides, so don’t forget to take the cossies just in case.

Tips to picking fun places to go with the family

Keep Everybody Fuelled Up

Making sure that everyone is fed and watered is so important if you are going to have a fun and entertaining day out. We all know what happens when the children want something to eat or are thirsty, it becomes their sole focus of attention and nothing will please them until they’ve had something.

Check the on-site catering of where you are going (not usually a problem these days) but if there is none or it’s not suitable, take a picnic – everyone loves a picnic even if you eat it in the car!  Also, keep a stash of drinks and snacks to hand to top them up.

Tips to picking fun places to go with the family

Going out as a family is one of the most rewarding experiences parents can have and with a little planning and forethought, you will finish the year with a mass of shared memories and stories to tell.

We would love to hear about your top Fun Places To Go With The Family. Tell me about them in the comments.

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