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Top 5 things to do in Dublin with kids

Entertaining the kids is hard, and often extremely expensive. If you’re planning on visiting Dublin any time soon, you might want to know where it’s worth going in advance. There’s something for everyone in and around the city, including fun activities and attractions for toddlers that won’t break the bank. Dublin has interesting historical tours, great parks and castles, museums, and fun activities that will keep toddlers and teens entertained all day long. Let have a closer look at the best things to do in Dublin with kids.

The National Gallery of Ireland

The National Gallery is a great place to start. It houses the most impressive collections of both international and Irish art, so exploring it is a fun and educational way of making the kids appreciate the country’s history, customs and traditions. There are all sorts of art worksheets, kids’ audio guides and colouring pages for toddlers at the Information Desk. This guarantees you that they won’t get bored. Exploring the gallery is free, and on Sundays, there are free workshops for kids, as well as regular guided tours for families.

The National Gallery of Ireland

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is Europe’s largest and most entertaining recreational areas. Founded back in the 17th century, this place spans over 1,700 acres. The park is huge, and there are lots of things you can do with kids on the premises. The Flower Gardens are amazing in the summer, as well as the staggering zoo. Kids will love to meet animals they’ve only heard about. Recently renovated, the zoo was voted Ireland’s most popular attraction. Over 600 animals populate it, including a giant gorilla and a giraffe. Around the park families with kids enjoy the greenery every day of the week. The presidential palace is also located here, so if you have time to space make sure to check it out.


Another major attraction of Dublin is Dublinia. Featuring 5 major exhibitions, this place brings the past into the present, and will appeal to kids eager to know more about the city’s history. The Viking Dublin Exhibition is probably the most appreciated. Visitors can learn more about Viking warship, and they can even try on Viking clothes.  The History Hunter Exhibitions invites you and your kids to know more about archaeology, as well as unlock fascinating stories of Dublin’s past. Climb to the top of St. Michael’s Tower and admire the most breath-taking view of the city.


Imaginosity is an educational, creative child-centered space for toddlers under 9. The exhibits are extremely fun and they’re mainly designed to teach great things through play. Through shared experiences and education, the museum’s aim is to tighten family bonds, boost a child’s development potential, as well as help, foster a healthier community.

Imaginosity Dublin Museum

There’s a climber available that the kids will love. The interactive capsules takes them to imaginary places they’ve always wanted to explore, such as Rapunzel’s castle and deep blue oceans. Kids can climb, crawl, move, explore and put their imagination to work. Filled with mirrors and buttons, pulleys and levellers, this place is a must-see when in Dublin with the family. Imaginosity has attractions for the youngest visitors too. Level 1 and 2 of the museum are special areas for babies that can barely walk. The soft floors, changing lights, and toys will keep them engaged for hours in a row.

Wild Air Run

A brilliant outdoor activity in Dublin with kids. Wild Air Run is the kind of attraction you only get to experience once in a lifetime. Better described as a giant 5k inflatable maze, this place is the biggest inflatable slide in Europe. There are ten obstacles available included in the course, and it is ideal for families of all fitness levels. Focused on the fun and not on endurance, Wild Air Run has two courses; each aimed at a different category of visitors. The Wild Air Course has ten large obstacles that visitors must battle to get through; it combines creativity, agility and loads of fun. Complete the course at your pace and have the best time racing to get out. There’s also a Wild Air Run Chill Zone with music, seating and refreshments for visitors with smaller kids.

Wild Air Run Dublin

There are many things to do in Dublin with kids; whether yours are 1, 2, 10 or 15. Plan the best vacation and explore the wonders of a city packed with family-oriented fun. Choose your attractions and activities, and let the adventure begin!

Have you been to Dublin with kids? Let me know your favourite things to do in the comments.

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