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Baby Friendly Holidays in the UK – Great Staycation Ideas

Baby Friendly Holiday Suggestions in the UK. Some useful hints and tips including not-so-obvious destinations that you might just love the idea of.

So there you are, proud parents of a new and precious little bundle. With holiday time fast approaching and very needed! Foreign culture and climate may seem attractive, and has lots of advantages (see our best family friendly destinations in the world blog) but going abroad can also present some worrying considerations now that you have a tiny person to think about. Even if the British weather does it’s worst and rains constantly, you can always make sure your baby is snug and dry. What is far more difficult is keeping them cool under a hot foreign sun… a baby’s skin is really delicate and will burn much more quickly that an adult’s. A staycation with baby, new or old is by far the least stressful option.

If you want to bypass buggies in airports, worries of heat stroke, tropical diseases and jetlag. Holidaying in the UK, and exploring all it has to offer, can be a satisfying and more relaxing alternative. I’m often asked about how to make the most of the UK. So here are some useful hints and tips including not-so-obvious destinations that you might just love the idea of. Perfect for staycation with baby.

Baby friendly holidays in the UK

Where to go for you staycation with baby

You don’t have to go far in the UK to find places that make perfect holiday locations for babies and their parents. Our seaside resorts often have long flat promenades where it is easy to push baby along in their pushchair. And there are literally thousands of miles of walks through delightful countryside. Where baby can get a lungful of fresh clean air. Any number of beautiful seaside villages in Cornwall provide atmosphere and beautiful scenery. As well as delightful independent shops both in and out of season. Counties such as; Dorset, Somerset, Norfolk and Suffolk, to mention just a few, can be glorious in all weathers. Due to the stunning scenery and wildlife.

The Lake District is well worth considering as a baby friendly holiday location. With its beautiful, uplifting scenery and excellent walking opportunities. Though a decent baby carrier in your party, in both the form of a harness and a person, is a big advantage here! Or take gentler lakeside strolls with the pram and pushchair and visit the numerous teashops and quaint cafes to sample local specialities. Not forgetting the famous Kendal Mint Cake.

The UK is crammed with baby friendly holiday accommodation. Really the only limitation is your preference and budget.

Caravan Holidays

These have been a great British tradition for a family holiday for decades. And there are any number of holiday parks where everything you need for baby is provided. Trust me, this makes a staycation with baby so much easier! Because caravan parks are well accustomed to visitors arriving with babies and small children, they usually stock essential items in their shops. Many will also be able to hire you cots and pushchairs too. The larger caravans have space for baby to sleep in the same room as their parents. And come with full kitchens so you can prepare baby’s food in the normal way.  The advantage of the larger parks and bigger operators such as Haven, Park Resorts, Park Holidays, Hoseasons and Parkdean is that they will have the latest and best equipped caravans. Including the best facilities for your baby.

Narrow boats, Barges and Riverboats

AWTYK has holidayed with a 3 month old on a narrow boat. This is a good age for it, as baby can’t go anywhere unaided! Make sure though there are a few (responsible) adults around who can look after baby whilst boat duties, such as opening locks, are taking place. Take a Moses basket for night time and make sure you’ve got enough warm sleepwear in the winter. It can make for a really relaxing time watching the world go slowly by. Exploring Britain’s beautiful waterways with cosy evenings ‘in’ or a trip to a pub should one conveniently appear by the tow path.

Baby friendly holidays in the UK

Holiday Villages

These are similar to the modern caravan park and are really geared up for baby friendly holidays. Accommodation is generally in an apartment that comes fully equipped and is usually on a fairly flat site. Which is a major consideration when using the pushchair!  There are masses of things for older children to do too and nightly entertainment for all. Some will even offer a baby-sitting or listening service if you want a few peaceful moments! Center Parcs and Hoseasons are two big companies providing locations nationwide. Or for a more independent and slightly cheaper option try Sandy Balls in the New Forest. Which is set in beautiful surroundings and provides similar services to the bigger resorts but on a slightly smaller scale.

Rental Cottages

These really are a home from home option and are available in all shapes and sizes. From charming stone cottages to lighthouses – although we wouldn’t recommend that one with a baby! Cottages generally offer peace and quiet where you can enjoy a holiday with your baby, away from the daily routine. As they say ‘a change is as good as a rest’ and there are so many delightful spots in Britain to choose from. Companies like and all have a huge variety both on the coast and in the country.

baby friendly holidays in the UK

Baby Friendly Hotels

Gone are the days when a hotel frowned on guests with a young baby in tow. They now welcome families with open arms. With large family rooms and many provide baby friendly services like cots, crèches, kettles for warming milk and baby-food heating services, all as part of the package.

You can look on the comparison sites like Trivago,, or to get prices and review the services they offer for families with a young baby.

A spa hotel is always a special treat, and there are some excellent family friendly ones around. All with excellent facilities even for very young babies.


Baby friendly holidays in the UK


This is one staycation idea we would advise staying clear of. At least until baby is a bit older. Although in these days of yurts, glamping and hobbit houses, many of these are suitable for babies too. If you really do want to go under canvas, pick a site in Britain that offers good all round facilities. Especially baby changing facilities and a laundry! Also, don’t forget that sound travels a long way in a campsite at night. A crying baby at 2 a.m. might make you rather unpopular with your fellow campers!

Best Family holidays in the UK

We hope you have found these tips useful in deciding on your next, or first, staycation with your baby.

Happy Holidays!


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