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Best Travel Games for kids to keep them busy on the go

Last year we went on one of our biggest adventures yet, an Interrail trip taking in 5 countries in Europe. You can read all my full Interrail tips here for other ideas to keep them busy. It was lovely to spend all that down time as a family together but we experienced some super long train rides meaning we needed to somehow keep our daughter entertained. We needed to research the Best Travel Games for kids. And I’m happy to share them with you!

This is where our favourite travel games and activities became a total lifesaver. Since then we’ve taken them on many long haul flights and even to entertain us during evenings in hotels. Click here for heaps of other tips for surviving long flights.

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Check out these top 20 Best Travel Games for kids. All available to buy on Amazon. Meaning fast and free delivery in the UK.

1. Boggle


I have been playing this fab spelling and vocabulary game since I was a kid and now it’s one of my daughters favourites too. It’s pretty compact and easily stored making it perfect for travel.

2. Travel Monopoly


Who doesn’t like monopoly?! And this one is perfect on the go containing miniature versions of all the usual pieces.

3. Rummikub Travel Pouch


My 8 year old loves this numbers game, excellent for practicing her maths skills when we’re traveling.

4. Travel Connect 4 


This is one that even the little kids can get involved with, it’s foldable making it compact and easy to pop in your hand luggage.

5. Avocado Smash


An hilarious take on the card game snap, each round only takes around ten minutes, we found this ideal for waiting at airports or train stations. Plus the avocado box is super cute!

6. Shut the box


For some reason, this is the game we get most competitive over, it’s all down to luck of the dice and working out which number to lower first. Soooo much fun!

7. Banagrams


Like scrabble but totally portable! This will help little ones develop language and practice their spellings. This is another of our absolute favourites.

8. Travel Blurt 

We love this hilarious shout out loud game which will help your recall and make you giggle at once. Maybe save it for a slightly louder environment than a sleepy plane!

9. Brainbox on the go memory games 

A fab magnetic memory challenge game which is brilliantly travel themed. Perfect for testing recall for all ages.

10. Uno


Another popular card game we’ve been playing for years. Even little ones seem to be able to pick up the simple instructions and it’s one of our favorite ways to spend an evening in a hotel bar. We’ve made many firm holiday friends by inviting other families to join us in a game!

11. Treasure Hunt Game


A scavenger hunt you can use literally anywhere! Set the kids off searching for various items inside and out, no two hunts will be the same! We love using this on hikes and around resorts.

12. Mapomios


A fun and educational travel card game. This European version was great for learning about the countries we visited during our Interrail Adventure.

13. Top Trumps


Perfect for whipping out whenever you have a spare ten minutes. Every kid I know loves top trumps, I’m recommending this Harry Potter version as Piper is obsessed with the stories but you can pretty much find any theme you like.

14. Travel Foil Art


Great for keeping your little artists busy if you need a few minutes peace. These books fit easily in hand luggage and no pens are required – super portable fun!

15. Travel Activity Pad


Another fantastic activity set, packed with almost 200 pen and paper puzzles.

16. Would you rather book for kids


This is a family favourite road trip game but we often run out of questions for each other. This book will ensure that never happens and is high up on my Christmas list.

17. Where’s Wally?


This keeps Piper busy for hours and is absolutely great value. You don’t only have to find Wally but lots of other things, perfect for working through together.

18.  Mad Libs Junior


Super fun for all ages, this one is great for encouraging kids to discover new vocabulary in a creative way.

19. OK Play


A little like connect four but using tiles, easy for young kids to understand but challenging enough for the adults to be entertained.

20. Travel Guess Who


Sometimes the simplest games are the best and little kids love a bit of comfort from home on their holidays. This one will fit in your luggage and is perfect for kids to challenge each other.

Hopefully you’ve discovered some new games to keep the kids entertained when traveling. If all else fails then we often fall back on a good old game of eye spy.

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20 top travel games for kidsbest travel games to keep the kids entertained while traveling

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