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Fun Places To Go For Kids

Weekends and holiday times are all about having great days out with the children but unless you have endless amounts of money, theme parks are only for special treats. What do you do to keep the kids entertained for the rest of the time? You can definitely find some fun places to go for kids, they’re all around you!

Fortunately the beauty of Britain is that you rarely have to go very far to find fun places to take the children and so much of it can cost very little or is free. Our lovely country is packed with all manner of attractions, activities and entertainment that the kids will really enjoy and so will your wallet.

So if you want a fun filled and action packed year, here are some great ideas for fun places to go with kids – on a budget.

Pet Farms & Animal Centres

These are a fantastic way of introducing children to animals and there is bound to be one near you. We Googled pet farms followed by a location, and there are frankly too many to list. Some are small and ideal for letting the kids get up close and personal with charming farm animals whilst others offer a complete day out with rides and other attractions. In many cases they cost less than £10 entry and some just ask for a donation. Let us know if you discover one near you.

Fun places to go for kids

Museums aren’t all stuffy, they can be fun too!

It seems to us that there is a museum for just about anything, from dinosaurs to battles and transport to toys. Gone are the days where a museum was a dusty old place with a collection of dodgy relics, these days they often feature interactive exhibits that can really grab the attention of children of all ages. No matter where you are, you can find a collection of memorabilia relating to the area or some big event or invention.

They make a great place to pop into if the weather is bad and you will often be surprised at just what attracts your child’s interest. We’d love to hear about any that you have discovered, so other parents can put them on their “places to go with kids” list.


Steam Trains, Traction Engines, Vintage Buses, Horse Drawn Transport – we are awash with places to go where your brood can experience travel of yesteryear – and don’t they just love it. Great swooshes of steam, tooting whistles and conductors punching tickets. Not only will they have a fun time but they will probably learn something about how their grandparents lived too.

fun places to go for kids

Village Fetes, Carnivals & Parades

Almost every town and village will have a fete or a carnival at some point during the year and these can be magical places for children. Brightly coloured stalls, displays, a procession, these are all wondrous things, especially for younger children. There are usually loads of traditional activities too like a coconut shy, hook the duck, throwing balls into a bucket or a jar, ring the bell and many more. These keep the children entertained for hours and usually cost pence to have a go. If you find a good fete or somewhere that has a really interesting or unusual carnival put a review on our home page.

Fun places to go for kids

Adventure Playgrounds make for fabulous free fun

These range from a few bits of climbing equipment to fantastic structures in the sky with walkways and zip wires. There are even underground trampolines in caves these days. A good adventure playground is particularly good for older children. They will probably get as much of a thrill as going to an expensive theme park.

The Seaside – my top fun place to go with kids.

Years ago the idea of a fun place to go was the seaside, especially for those who lived inland. Buckets and spades, building sandcastles, donkey rides, punch & judy, ice creams – simple pleasures we’ve all but forgotten – but they are absolutely adored by kids of all ages. Many seaside resorts have made a real effort over the past few years. This year a trip to the seaside would make a really fantastic day out, even more if you make a weekend of it.  We’re huge fans of the beaches in North Cornwall. Please tell us about your favourite seaside resort in the comments.

piece of driftwood on the beach

Parks are great fun for kids

We drive past these every day and rarely give them a second thought as somewhere special to take the children. But parks have so much to offer and in the main they are free. They are plentiful too with even the smallest town having at least one. Often with swings and slides and possibly a paddling pool.

There is so much to do in a park from playing football, rounders or cricket, flying a kite. Maybe even going out on the boating lake. They are a great place for kids to let off steam, even if they just run around. If you have come across a really good park, please let us know.

young child having fun throwing leaves in the air

Are We There Yet Kids is all about highlighting super places to go with children. And giving parents some good ideas about how to keep their young ones entertained all through the year.

What we are really saying though, is that sometimes you don’t have to spend lots of money to have fun. And that when they are safely tucked up in bed, exhausted, your children will have lots of new experiences to remember and cherish.  And you’ll have a great list of fun places to go with kids when inspiration leaves you.

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