beautiful photo of the sunrise on a beach in cornwall with a wooden frame

The perfect personalised gift for beach lovers

What do you buy the man who has everything? It’s a question I’ve asked a lot over the past month. And one I think I’ve finally managed to answer. My husband is one of those annoying people who never seems to want for anything. He’s either already bought it or doesn’t really want it. And he’s absolutely rubbish at offering up ideas. I really wanted to come up with a special surprise for his recent big birthday so was really pleased to come across The Day That, the perfect gift for beach lovers, Cornwall devotees and sunrise chasers. AND difficult husbands.

piper quinn holding a photo of a sunrise on a beach in cornwall

This talented team of photographers have been capturing the Sunrise around St Ives in Cornwall since 2005 and never miss a Sunrise. Thats over 5,000 dawns and some very early starts. As many of you know, Cornwall is a very special part of the world to us. We’ve made so many happy memories on Cornish beaches and are hoping to spend the Summer there this year. This was literally the perfect gift!

Come rain or shine and Cornish “mizzle” the photographers still somehow manage to take the perfect shot so don’t worry if your day occurs in one of the gloomier months. I think some of the most beautiful captures are the moody, dramatic ones.

How does The Day That work?

It really is super simple, 5 minutes on the website to order then you can sit back and take all the glory! First, pick your date. You can find any day dated back to June 2005. I’m sure you’ll have loads of special occasions you might want to commemorate. A few ideas might be: Wedding days, kids birthdays, engagements, special anniversaries or just a date that is special to you.

photo of a beach sunrise with a wooden frame next to a plant in a rattan pot

I chose a date we hold very special. Our wedding day. It’s such a lovely way to remember when we made promises to each other in front of friends and family. To see the sunrise in one of the most beautiful places on Earth on one of the happiest days of our lives.

Then choose which photo you want. There’s not heaps of choice so don’t worry, you won’t get overwhelmed. I love that there’s a little paragraph about the day, what time the sun rose and what the weather was like. You could always have this copied on to a card to accompany your gift.

Next up you’ll need to choose your print style and frame. There are all the usual options available from a simple unmounted print to fully framed and mounted. This is obviously the easiest option and will avoid you stressing about whether you’ve got an image perfectly straight and centered in a frame. At this point you can choose the frame style. We went for a light oak but it will depend on your personal taste and what suits the image.

Then it’s on to image size. The one we opted for is 40x50cm. I think it’s the perfect size.

Finally you can complete your print with a personalised message. You’ll have 55 characters to play with so make it special! As mine was our wedding day I went for a simple “The day it all began.”

corner shot of wooden framed sunrise print

Quality of the prints

These are seriously beautiful prints. Sunrises aren’t always easy to capture – I know, I’ve tried many times! But this one makes you feel like you’re right there in the moment. Walking along a deserted beach, holding hands, chasing waves. Utterly bewitching. The mounting and framing is skilfully done and the light wood perfectly compliments the colours of the sunrise.

The Husbands opinion

This really is the perfect gift for a special occasion. Seeing a few happy tears escape when he opened it made it even more special. Now we’ve just got to decide where to hang it so we can soak in that sunrise everyday. I’ve had so many friends comment on what a unique gift it is.

How much do these Sunrise prints cost?

A simple print will set you back £35. Framed and mounted prints start at £58.

You can see all the pricing options on The day That website.

Free shipping is available in the UK or you can select an express option for £5. European delivery is £30 and International is £60.

The Day That discount code

The Day That have been kind enough to share a voucher code for my readers. Just input AREWETHEREYET10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase.

Disclaimer: The Day That were kind enough to send me this beautiful print. In exchange for this review and social shares. All opinions are my own.

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