Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

During our recent trip to Singapore we managed to squeeze in a day at Universal Studios, the huge theme park on Sentosa Isand. Here’s the breakdown of how we spent our day there. Experiencing the best Universal Studios Singapore rides for kids and meeting the wonderful characters.

We absolutely love Universal in the States but have done Disney a couple of times and I think, for a 5 year old, this is definitely as good (minus the princesses!), it’s very clean, modern and packed with well thought out rides and attractions.

If you’re visiting Singapore with the whole family then make sure you read my guide to Singapore with Kids for more great ideas for things to do on the island.

Universal Studios Singapore

How to get to Universal Studios in Singapore

We  took the MRT as we had plenty of time and it was pretty straight forward. Just get off at Harbour front and either take the Monorail or walk across to the Island. The queues when we arrived at Vivocity Mall (go to level 6) to get the Sentosa monorail were pretty horrific. It was a Saturday so I would expect it to be less painful during the week. I would recommend walking over to avoid these if it’s not too hot. The monorail was clean and quick – Universal is the first stop and not far to walk from the Station. We had bought our Universal Studios tickets online before we left (£63). After the obligatory picture with the Universal Globe, were able to head straight into the park.

Top Tip: Children below 0.9m in height and accompanied by a fee-paying traveler are  free on trains and buses in Singapore

Queueing at Universal Studios in Singapore

I had read horror stories about the queuing and was kicking myself that we didn’t upgrade to an Express pass. But actually the queues were not too bad. Perhaps we were just lucky but for a lot of the major rides it was no more than 15 mins wait. Amazingly we walked straight onto Transformers! Some of the smaller rides (hello Treasure Hunters) took up to 50 mins. It didn’t really put a dampener on our day as there is often plenty to see while you’re queuing.

Top Tip – if something looks like it has a massive queue. Come back and try later, the park is small enough to walk the loop twice.

Madagascar, Universal Studios Singapore

An overview of the Universal Studios Singapore rides for kids 

Universal Studios Singapore is split into 7 zones, Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World,  Madagascar and Far Far Away. I think my favourite was the Lost World as we ?are MASSIVE fans of Jurassic Park but they are all well designed with plenty to see and do.

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Madagascar Area

We started in Madagascar with “A Crate Adventure” which is a fun boat ride following the characters on a jungle adventure. My daughter loved it and we went on twice. A small part of it is a little scary (it gets quite dark) but blink and you’ll miss it so don’t worry! We also tried out the carousel – good fun and you can ride your favourite character. We also had a hug with Gloria, just look at this happy face!Meeting Gloria universal studios

Magical stories at Far Far Away

Next up was Far Far Away with its amazing fairy castle and Shrek themed rides. We managed the first half of the Shrek 4-D Adventure but as my daughter isn’t a big fan of 4D and they builtup the spooky theme quite well before going in, we bailed before actually getting in the theatre. This area also has two roller-coasters, one Enchanted Airways which is suitable for kids.

Universal Studios Singapore

Jurassic Park at Universal Studios Singapore

We probably didn’t spend enough time in Far Far Away as we were both keen to get to Lost World and it was fab! This is where we faced our biggest queues but were so glad we stayed put! We tried Dino-Soarin (easy, kid friendly ride, over pretty quick) and had to wait 45 mins!

Then to Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure which was another long wait but is was ok as there is plenty to see in the queue. They really build up the fact that you will get very wet which made us panic a bit. Typically We didn’t have any ponchos (note to self – always be prepared). In the end we just covered up with scarves and jackets and it wasn’t too bad. It’s a fun ride, there is one pretty scary bit (I won’t spoil the surprise) but the rest is just good fun. We missed out on the Canopy Flyer – no time to queue and didn’t get to see WaterWorld as the timings didn’t work for us – gutted! The huge gate and dinosaur entrance is great for photo opportunities and added to the atmosphere perfectly.

The Ancient Egypt area at Universal Studios

And on to Ancient Egypt. Again the decoration has been really well thought out. This is home to the Revenge of the Mummy Ride which my daughter desperately wanted to try. Unfortunately she was too small (under 122cm) and I am so glad as apparently it is terrifying! We did go on the Treasure Hunters ride which strangely had a really long queue. It is a very tame drive around the Egyptian desert but Piper loved it so I suppose its’s a win.

Universal Studios Singapore

Universals Sci-Fi City

Next was Sci-Fi City, home to the brand new TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle. When we got there there was no queue at all – amazing! But there looked like loads to see if you were waiting for a while so don’t let it put you off. The ride was amazing, I don’t think I have ever been on anything like it. However it was WAY too scary for my five year old. Just think hard before you take kids on as you only need to be 102cm to ride. My daughter spent the whole ride with her head in my lap but I loved it! We also went on Accelerator which was essentially a high tech waltzers – great fun! There’s a good café in Sci-Fi with loads of choice. This is where we met one of the transformers who was absolutely huge and extremely realistic.

New York at Universal Studios, Singapore

And finally to New York with all the usual landmarks and impressive facades. We stopped for pizza here (HUGE) and watched the Sesame Street Stage Show. Even though Piper didn’t know any of the characters she still enjoyed watching them sing and dance. Then we tried out the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase which was a fun ride through space helping Elmo hunt for Spaghetti. And then the Lights, Camera, Action  special effects show which was really interesting. They show you how the world of movies creates a hurricane in New York. The fire part at the end freaked out my daughter a little but worth a look. You can easily leave if necessary. A real treat was watching the Street Dancing Rockafellas who were excellent. They even pulled Piper up on stage to dance with them – she was so proud!

Universal Studios Singapore

By now we were pretty exhausted. We just had time to watch Mel’s Dinettes bang out a few tunes in Hollywood before we needed to leave. We did miss quite a few rides and wish we had chance to see all the shows. Overall it was an amazing day, full of perfect activities for a five year old. She is already asking when we can go back!

Our visit to Universal was part of our 5 days in Singapore, make sure you check out this great itinerary for more of what we got up to.

Whilst we were in Singapore, we were staying at the Carlton Hotel Singapore. It’s a lovely hotel in a fabulous location with an even better rooftop pool!

What are your favourite Universal Studios Singapore rides for kids? We would love to hear what you thought. Just leave me a comment below.


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