exterior the singapore pavilion at expo 2020

Visiting the Singapore Pavilion Expo 2020

It was no surprise that the Singapore Pavilion at Expo 2020 was very green and lush. It’s a real head turner from the outside, completely covered by vibrant green plants and high level viewing platforms. It’s like a mini version of the cloud gardens at Gardens by the Bay which took me straight back to our wonderful trip to Singapore.

walkway through lush green plant covered walls

What to expect at the Singapore Pavilion Expo 2020

This Pavilion focuses on fully sustainable cities. Highlighting the aspirations of Singapore to continuously improve to become greener and show the rest of the world that green cities are possible and within reach. It is titled Nature. Nurture. Future. And the combination of natural elements alongside world beating technologies really hammers that message home.

outside of the plant covered singapore pavilion at dubai expo

You’ll find a ground level garden which you are slowly led through up to the canopied hanging walkways.

canopied hanging walkways at the singapore pavilion

The pavilion is fully self-sufficient by the on-site solar desalination process which slowly waters the towering green walls. The eco system around the walls features more than 170 varieties of plants from all across Singapore. Robots continuously review the plants, checking their health and collecting data about the environment. It’s pretty mind blowing really.

array of colourful orchids against a black wall

The pavilion begins in the city cone with a multimedia presentation about the city, its goals for the future and the need to continue to develop cities that are sustainable and great places to live.

multimedia presentation at the singapore pavilion

The Rainforest cone contains a huge sculpture based on the Dipterocarp tree where you can watch the pretty winged fruit fall to the rainforest floor. It’s absolutely mesmerising.

Dipterocarp tree sculpture at the singapore pavilion

The final cone is an indoor space, based on flowers with gorgeous floral displays. Here you’ll find an amazing array of orchids and details on the countries efforts to conserve these stunning plants.

clear glass nature ball against a back drop of flowers and a black wall

The top floor space will hold presentations and talks all on the subject matter of green cities and the careful use of water and power. It’s all topped off with a solar roof providing power for the whole pavilion.

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The building

The building was designed by Wong Mun Summ from WOHA Architects. It is 1,550 square metres of gorgeousness and a real stand out as you walk towards the sustainability district of Expo 2020.

You can see more about the pavilion here.

Eating at the Singapore Pavilion Expo 2020

You’ll find the sky market on the top floor of the pavilion. It’s home to a sweet little cafe and several places to sit. It’s a good place to grab a coffee and sample some delicacies local to Singapore such as chicken satay or Chilli Crab Pau.

What message did we take away

We really loved the Singapore Pavilion. It’s always great to see a bit of green in Dubai. It felt really exciting to learn how cities can change to become more sustainable and more at one with nature.

Piper also loved the misting stations set along the raised walkways. This meant that even though we were outside, we didn’t feel too hot.

piper quinn cooling off under the mist at the singapore pavilion at expo 2020

Where to get your passport stamped at the Singapore Pavilion Expo 2020

You can get your passport stamped in the merchandise shop at the sky garden.

getting passport stam at the singapore pavilion expo 2020

Where is the Singapore Pavilion

The Singapore Pavilion is located in the Sustainability district of Expo 2020.

What were the queues like

There was a small queue when we visited but we didn’t wait long at all, there seems to be a fairly steady flow. They restrict the amount of visitors in the pavilion at any one time for safety and experience purposes. It never felt too busy.

Make sure you head next door to the Netherlands Pavilion to see some more ideas on how to make our cities and farming practices more sustainable.

If a visit to the pavilion has got you desperate to book a trip, make sure you read my 5 days in Singapore itinerary to get planning.

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