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In and around London – things to do with kids on a rainy day

Just because it’s summer and it’s warm in London, it doesn’t mean the city is weatherproof. Whether we like it or not, rain is always in the forecast. There are lots of fun, exciting activities you can still do with the kids. London is packed with amazing indoor attractions and playground centres. Home to some of the world’s finest art galleries, museums, and leisure play areas, there has to be something to delight tots. Here are our top things to do in London on rainy day weather days.

Whether it’s drizzling or pouring outside, you shouldn’t back down. We’ve got things covered! Check out some of the best things to do with kids on a rainy day in London.

Explore the wonders of London’s Sea Life Aquarium

Home to a vast and colourful aquatic fauna, Sea Life will leave tots speechless. From scary piranhas and intimidating sharks, all the way to Nemo-like clownfish, this place is heaven for families with the sole goal: keeping the kids busy and entertained.

Most species of fish are held in massive glass tanks so that you almost touch them. Surrounded by coral reefs, the kids will almost feel like walking through a real-life ocean. The shark reef is a top attraction at the aquarium. Your kids will be introduced to a variety of species, including bow mouths, tiger sharks, and other eerie creatures that will take their breaths away.

London Dungeon

Head underground to escape the rain and check out London’s Dungeon. Located on the South Bank, just beneath County Hall, this place offers an exciting 90-minute tour of the city’s tumultuous history. The tour appeals to kids of all ages because it includes live shows, amazing special effects and fun underground rides. Prepare yourself for some screaming!

Kids are fearless, so they might not be that scared to uncover London’s deepest, darkest stories. Go meet the judges, local legends, and torturers; listen to their gruelling stories and step into a completely different world packed with incredible adventures and experiences. Keep your eyes wide open as the darkness will give you the chills!

Royal Observatory

London’s fascinating Royal Observatory is located within the National Maritime Museum. Home to London’s planetarium, Greenwich Mean Time, and Meridian Line, this place boasts with incredible things to do with kids. Who cares it’s raining outside?

The planetarium’s interstellar show is a thing of beauty. Make some time to explore the public camera obscura, and the galleries on site. Let the kids get to know more about the fascinating domain we call astronomy; take them to meet scientists who mapped the stars, and have a closer look at pioneering inventions, such as the refracting telescope; along with many others.

Pollock’s Toy Museum

Parents, brace yourselves! Your kids will want to get their hands on some of the toys exhibited at Pollock’s Toy Museum. Named after a Victorian toy theatre printer, this quirky attraction includes a wide variety of puppets, board games, wax dolls, doll houses, marbles, and more. It might seem a little creepy, but tots will love the experience. Just a heads-up: if your kids are not at least 5, you might want to skip on this one. Yet, to adults and older children, it’s a place like no other in London.

KidZania – a “city” built for tots

Designed for tots, KidZania is mini-city where your little devils are in charge of everything. With over 60 real-life role-playing activities, the 75,000 sq. ft leisure centre is the perfect place to explore on a rainy day in London. Let them be firefighters, police officers, beauty specialists, pilots, and more. Check out this video. It’s hilarious!

Upon arrival and registration, kids are given 50 KidZos; which is KidZania’s “local currency”. They can spend it on activities, food, or they can explore adulthood by placing their money at the bank. Aimed at children with ages between 4 and 14, all activities are carefully supervised. You can just sit back, relax, and let your tots experience life as an adult for the first time. They will either love it or hate it.

How can you not love London on a rainy day when there are so many things to do in and around the city? Go beyond conventional places of interest and attractions, and explore places that are truly fun and memorable for toddlers.

What are your favourite things to do in London on rainy day weather weeks?

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