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Keeping the kids busy in Lockdown with a Treasure Trail through Lichfield

Join me on a magical Treasure Trail through Lichfield.

Right now our need to be outside, entertain the kids and pretend life is half normal is more important than ever. We’ve had 15 long weeks of attempting to homeschool whilst struggling to work from home, simultaneously checking the news or our preferred social media feed.

I have actually found the perfect distraction from the current uncertainties AND it can all be done outside while socially distancing PLUS the kids will learn so much it can definitely be classed as schoolwork. A treasure trail through Lichfield is something we all need!

lichfield cathedral spires behind a row of houses

Friends, I introduce you to the wonder that is Treasure Trails! Totally the best thing I’ve discovered during lockdown and something I’ll continue to use when life eventually gets back to normal.

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What are Treasure Trails?

Treasure trails is essentially a treasure hunt around a city, town or park of your choice. We chose the Lichfield trail as it’s our nearest city and I’ve loved exploring locally. But I will also order one for our next city break as you can learn so much about the area you’re visiting. Treasure trails have over 1,200 trails all over the UK, so you’re bound to find a few near your chosen location.

There are 3 types of trail, murder mystery, treasure hunts or spy missions. Our chosen trail was murder mystery, we had to cross off suspects and weapons as we solved each clue. Clues involve words, numbers, historical buildings and interesting facts about nature, the creativity was brilliant!

grandparents and granddaughter looking at a plaque on the wall

The Treasure Trail Through Lichfield

I roped in my parents to join us on this treasure trail through Lichfield. And I think they enjoyed the trail as much as (if not more than) P and I did. The more brains the better right?! Although the trails are recommended for all ages upwards of 6 they’re definitely not the easy types where us adults get a bit bored, pretending we can’t figure it out for the kids – some take real effort and made us all stop to think.

We began our trail at Beacon Park, a firm favourite with local kids due to its fantastic play area, boating lake and friendly cafe. Unfortunately the equipment is currently closed although we did manage to grab a coffee (for me) and an ice cream (for P) from the outdoor stall. The toilets are also open and I found them clean and quiet. This is due to change from next weekend, (4th July 2020) so you might want to add a bit of time for a play before or after you start your trail.

The 18 clues in the booklet took us on a 2.5 mile route all around the city, taking in the historic market square, beautiful Stowe Pool and past the stunning cathedral with its famous 3 spires.

I really don’t want to give anything away so won’t guide you though the full trail but we learnt so much about the city I’ve visited a few times a week for the last 8 years of my life! Those little plaques I’ve ignored as I did the shopping, enjoyed a cocktail with my girlfriends or ferried Piper from one club to the next have suddenly taken on new relevance. And I’m embarrassed to say just how little I knew about Lichfield and it’s famous inhabitants. This easily passes as a good day of schooling for all of us!

The treasure trails booklet is a wealth of information. They have suggested parking points, public toilets and recommended locations where you’ll be able to buy food and drink. We stopped a couple of times on our way round for a takeaway coffee and a sandwich. As more and more places open up, you’ll have even more options for a lunch break. But you could always bring a picnic to keep costs down.

What if I can’t find a clue?

If you can’t figure out any of the clues then you can text Treasure Trails HQ for help. The response is immediate so it won’t hold you up too long. This would be of great help if you need to skip a clue. Or if you can’t find it safely whilst social distancing.


How long did the trail take?

The trail can be completed in around two and a half hours but we took almost five to get around. We were probably a bit slow, veering off trail to check out things we had never noticed before. It was also a baking hot day and we added in a few stops for refreshments. There’s no need to rush, I loved that we could take it at our own pace. You could even spread the trail over a couple of days if little ones get tired.

Once you’ve finished your trail just submit your answer on the treasure trails website and find out if you’re correct. You’ll also receive a run down of all the answers so you can check if you went wrong. Additionally you can download a trail certificate and be entered into a monthly prize draw to win £100. So there is definitely potential treasure at the end of your trail!

How much does the treasure trail cost?

Each of the trails cost £9.99, amazing value for a full days entertainment. Especially considering the amount of work that must go into curating them. You can order them to be posted out to you. Or if you can’t wait then you can purchase the download and print at home. I love that we can literally wake up, check the weather, download a trail and head off. No planning or research involved! I’ve already bought a spy hunt for my Godson up North. And am now planning our next as we will be exploring more of the UK this summer. This was easily the most fun we’ve had in lockdown.

Head to the treasure trails website to see which trails are available in your area. Happy hunting!

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