Glastonbury with kids, is it worth it? Top Tips and more

Nothing beats listening to live music outdoors in the sunshine and Glastonbury festival has to be the greatest festival of music and art of all time. But is it worth taking little ones? We’ve been going to Glastonbury with kids since they were 3 years old and have only missed the years it was cancelled. For me (and the kids) it is one of the most amazing experiences we’ve shared together. But it can be a little overwhelming and you may question whether it is worth taking the kids to Glastonbury. I’ve tried to answer all your questions below to give you a flavour of what to expect and how to make sure you all enjoy your time at Worthy Farm.

piper quinn in pink cardigan holding a rolled up picnic blanket infront of the rainbow coloured ribbon tower at glastonbury festival

I’ve included heaps of photos and a whole lot of detail so click through on the list of contents if there’s something specific you want to find out.

How to get tickets

Tickets for Glastonbury are a bit like gold dust and there is NO sure fire way to secure them. Unless you’re performing on one of the main stages of course. I recommend finding out which day in October they go on sale, setting an alarm and teaming up with six other people with various devices refreshing the purchase page until you get in. I suggest six people as that’s the maximum amount of tickets you can buy but if you could persuade non festival hopefuls to help you out that’s great as well. Remember – kids don’t need tickets. Tickets for Glastonbury tend to arrive in the post in early June.

pyramid shaped stage at glastonbury festival on a sunny day

Some people have suggested that the coach packages are easier to secure tickets from in an attempt to encourage festival goers to use group transport. We haven’t tried this but I know you will only be given your tickets on the coach when you arrive. Coach times are sent out about a month before the festival begins.

Before they even release the tickets you’ll need to register over at See Tickets.

If you’re unsuccessful first time the first time then there is always a smaller resale in January so make sure you are aware of that date should you need it.

Do kids need a ticket for Glastonbury festival?

The amazing news about visiting Glastonbury with kids 12 and under is that they don’t need an actual ticket. They don’t even need to register. They obviously need to be accompanying an adult with a ticket!

two young girls on their dads shoulders at glastonbury festival

You will need to take some form of photo ID if they look anywhere near 12. We took Pipers actual passport in on the first day then a photo of it on other days. We were not asked for it after our first entry.

Cost of Glastonbury tickets

Glastonbury tickets cost £285 in 2022 which includes a £5 booking fee. I would expect there to be a small increase for 2023. Remember kids 12 and under are free.

Yes it sounds a little expensive but this includes camping and all facilities, as many epic performances as you can pack in plus heaps of free family friendly activities such as circus skills, fairground rides, face painting and much much more.

young girl in purple cap sat on a hanging swing next to her dad who is lying down

What to pack

Packing for Glastonbury is never easy. There’s so much you’ll want and need to take but remember, if you’re staying onsite you may have to carry it a long way to get to camp. Probably the best advice is to lay out everything you want to take and then put half of it back.

Kids will need several changes of clothes, the comfier the better. We don’t pack jeans as they can be tight to walk in and feel horrible when wet. Leggings, shorts and loose dresses are good ideas. And feel free to bring any fancy dress items that are easy to pack, you’ll see heaps of brilliant character costumes around the festival site.

mum and daughter sitting in sun at glastonbury festival

Whatever the weather forecast says, it gets really cold at night so you will need hoodies, jackets and warm hats. Bright colours are good for little ones to help you spot them in the crowd.  A waterproof jacket is another absolute must which can be tied round your waist when hot and provides another layer in the evenings.

Little toys or activity books are a good idea for when they need some down time or if you want to keep them entertained while you watch your favourite band.

If your kids are small then a waggon or cycle trailer you can pull is a great idea, you can store your day bags in, ferry the kids about or let them sleep when they’re tired. I’ve even seen people pushing their kids around in a wheelbarrow which also seems to work well.

I’ve written a detailed family festival packing guide which is a good place to start planning.

How to help the kids get excited

Once you’ve got your tickets in the post and started to plan your outfits it’s time to really get excited. I start a Glastonbury Playlist a few months before the festival and play it regularly, adding songs as we discover new bands we want to see. You’ll also find plenty of ready made playlists on Spotify. Have a little kitchen disco and let the kids add any songs they like, get them to recognise some of the songs from bands you want to see, you could even make up some dance routines together.

young girl on her dads shoulders in front of the pyramid stage at night

Around a month before the festival EE will launch the Glastonbury App. This has map of the farm you can use if you get lost on site and a brilliant line up with all the main stages. You can add bands to “My Line Up” to see if you have any clashes and easily see who is on where each day. If your little ones have phones download the apps for them too so they can create their own line up or let them add sets to yours.

If you’ve been before make sure you show them some of your photos and jump on the Glastonbury website to let them see the various areas they can visit. Let them tell you where they really want to go and make sure you add it to your schedule.

What can I take onsite

For the last few years the festival has been plastic bottle free. This means no on site vendors are allowed to sell single use plastic bottles. All the taps around site can be used to fill up your drinking water. Just bring a metal reusable bottle. You can bring plastic onsite so if you want to bring big bottles of pop or your own mixed cocktail it won’t be confiscated.

It is also a strictly glass free festival, your bags may well be checked on the way in so don’t try to carry it through the gates. It’s honestly such a relief knowing you or the kids won’t accidentally step on broken glass whilst you’re dancing.

karen quinn and piper quinn at glastonbury festival

Unlike most other music festivals you can bring in as much alcohol as you like (or you can carry) which is a great money saver although perhaps not so good for your shoulders. When the kids were smaller we wheeled them around in a little trailer with cans of cider in the base. It saved us loads of money and time queuing at the bars. Now we only bring in back packs so have a lot less.

What to tell School

This is a tricky one and of course entirely down to you. If you decide to say the kids are sick then there’s a good chance they’ll give the game away with all their exciting Glastonbury stories or they may get spotted on TV. We’ve always been honest and formally request leave with a letter like this: Glastonbury is a cultural event and Piper will be learning about important environmental and social issues including the need to look after our world, water and sanitation. She will be taking part in crafting activities and learn circus and dance skills whilst she is there.

As a keen performer she will be inspired by the variety of artists she will see and we will encourage her to develop her own musical tastes. We believe this will have a huge benefit to her mental health after a very difficult few years.

two girls walking under the pride arch at glastonbury

We’ve always had the leave refused but have never been fined. I firmly believe kids will learn more at Glastonbury festival than they would in the last few weeks of school in the run up to the holidays.

When to arrive at Glastonbury

Glastonbury Festival runs from the Wednesday until the Sunday night. It always covers the last full weekend in June. The main stages have music from on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday but there’s still plenty to do on site on the Wednesday and Thursday.

Carparks will open on the Tuesday evening. You can start carrying stuff in to the holding pens (outside the gates) and stay there overnight (although not in tents) until the gates open at around 8am on the Wednesday. You could also stay overnight in your car. I’ve never done this and imagine it would be a bit of a nightmare with kids. Although it will ensure you get the best camping spots.

the rave tree at glastonbury festival

We tend to arrive on the Thursday afternoon when we’re staying off site and not having to worry about camping. I love the vibe on the Thursday, it’s very relaxed but also buzzing with anticipation.

What are the toilets really like

Well, what can I say – they’re pretty yucky. You’ll find three types around site. Long drops where you squat over a hole with no flush or water. Compost loos which tend to be brightly painted where you use sawdust to cover what you’ve done. And finally the normal porta loo types. This year we also discovered female urinals which was an absolute joy being open air so they didn’t smell and could only be used by women.

femail urinals at glastonbury festival

It’s a good idea to warn the kids about the toilets before they go, it’s a bit of a shock to the system. And prepare by doing plenty of squats in the week running up to the festival to build up those thighs.

I recommend using a facemask with a few drops of olbas oil or tiger balm to hide the smell. Don’t look at anything and don’t touch anything! If the kids are going to struggle to squat you can always take disposable toilet covers. I always carry a bumbag which is my toilet pack and packed one for the kids as they got older. This includes sanitiser, face mask, albas oil, tissues and seat covers. You will find well stock sanitiser stations at all the toilets but this can be busy and hold you up if you’re trying to get away from the smell. The toilets are one of the reasons I don’t recommend open toed shoes at Glastonbury – it’s no flip flops unless we’re relaxing in camp or at one of the stages for a few hours.

green long drop toilets at glastonbury festival

If the kids are very little they may prefer a porta potty which you can then empty into a long drop. Please do not just urinate on the land it pollutes the water table.

There are loads of toilets all around the site (1,300 compostable and 2,000 long drops!) so you normally won’t have to queue however during busy times like early evening they can get extremely busy. Do not wait till you’re desperate and if you spot a clean looking toilet, ALWAYS use it!

I’ve always found the toilets in the Kidzfield and Greenpeace kids to be the best. Or if you’re heading back out to your car or staying offsite then the porta loos the stewards and security use tend to be very clean and they’ve never minded us popping in with the kids.

Family Of Four Posing Outside The Kids Field At Glastonbury On A Rainy Day

Where to stay at Glastonbury

This is another big consideration when planning your trip to Glastonbury. Most people camp and stay onsite, the price of this is included in your ticket. But you can also find some great spots off site if hot showers, clean toilets and comfy beds are important to you.


You can camp anywhere onsite with kids but some areas are more family friendly than others. The official family camping areas are at Cockmill Meadow pretty close to the Kidzfield and another at the Wicket Ground up near red gate meaning you wont have to walk too far. They do fill up pretty quick so aim to arrive early on the Wednesday to secure your pitch.

Both family campsites are surrounded by a fence with stewards keeping an eye on the gate. You will only be allowed to pitch up in one if you are at Glastonbury with kids. There’s normally plenty of space at the Wicket Ground as its pretty far away from much of the action. Cockmill Meadow fills up super quick but will be a favourite with the kids being close to the kidzfield and they’re guaranteed to make some friends while you enjoy your morning cuppa.

girl in black shorts and pink fringed skirt and pink check cardigan playing with bubbles at glastonbury festival


If you don’t mind parting with some considerable cash then you can hire a pre erected Teepee for the festival. These are located near the stone circle in the teepee village and next to the Park area. So super close to the action. You can fit 6 people in each teepee and you will need to bring some of your own equipment. The fields have their own toilets and showers and separate food areas and a bar. They have space for the kids to play and even a fire in the evening.

These cost well over a thousand pounds for the five nights and you’ll need to pay for your tickets on top of that.

View Of Teepee Field At Glastonbury Festival On Top Of A Grassy Hill

Pre-erected tents offsite

There are several options if you don’t mind staying slightly off site, want everything set up for you but don’t mind sleeping under canvas. Tangerine Fields is a popular one with prices of around £700 for four people. They have hot showers, toilets and a pamper parlour plus and pamper parlour with hairdryers and straighteners. It’s a super easy walk into the festival and you can park in their field. Or you could try Love Fields which has everything from Mongolian Yurts to airstream trailers to smaller Bell tents. They have onsite showers, toilets and include breakfast each day. Expect to pay upwards of £2,000 for a stay. Remember you need to purchase tickets on top of this.

Offsite rentals

Glamping On The Hill
Glamping On The Hill

For the last few years we’ve stayed offsite and whilst it has its downsides it’s definitely nice to have clean facilities, real beds and plenty of quiet space to escape the madness. You will not be able to find a rental close however, these tend to be taken up by the media and some performers. If you aim for a half hour radius then you should find some availability and prices will be a bit more reasonable. But yes, the half hour drive at the end of the night is pretty rubbish. We’ve stayed at the fabulous Vobster Inn in a gorgeous yurt before. Last year we opted for Bathway Farm which had a great outdoor space for the kids and plenty of amenities for the adults.

If you are staying of site then you will need to exit and re enter the gates each time. That means having your ticket checked and being given a pass out  and a long walk through the car parks to the taxis or shuttle busses. You will need to keep your ticket with you at ALL TIMES, do not just rely on your wrist band.

Kid friendly things to do at Glastonbury festival


The Kidzfield located next to the Pyramid stage is probably where you’ll spend most of your time at Glastonbury if you’re visiting with younger kids. It’s an absolute dream for both little ones and parents. Absolutely everything is free from craft workshops, child-friendly shows, messy play, facepainting, hair braiding , climbing frames, sandpits and fairground rides. When our kids were younger I’m not ashamed to say we used a few hours in the Kidzfield to bribe the kids to let us enjoy a few hours watching bands they weren’t interested in. Over the years we’ve seen some amazing performances in the big top, Cat in the Hat went down an absolute treat as did Andy and the odd socks. Everyday there is a fabulous parade at half two where kids can join highly costumed characters waving whatever they made in the craft tent.

kidz field at glastonbury

This is a totally safe space with stewards located of the gates to ensure no kids wander off and no one enters who shouldn’t. Additionally there’s a little fenced area for tiny tots with extra stewards and a separate fairground. There’s always an NCT tent where you can quietly feed or bathe a baby and take a much needed break and child sized toilets and baby changing.

You Are Entering A Frown Free Zone Sign At The Kidz Field, Glastonbury Festival

The Kidzfield is open between 9am and 7pm on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival. It’s mainly for 12 and under. Vehicle access to the kidzfield is kept to an absolute minimum so hopefully there is less mud during wet years than other parts of the festival.

cat in the hat performing at the kidzfield at glastonbury

Green Kids Area

Green Kids is probably my favourite area in the festival for kids. It’s incredibly chilled and has a really lovely vibe and always feels quieter than the kidzfield as its’ a lot smaller. It’s located near the healing fields and is just past the rave tree and showers. You can’t miss it as it has a huge play area ship called The Ark in its centre.

two kids having fun in the ark at green kids sticking their heads out of portals

You’ll see plenty of family friendly hilarious shows and we loved taking part in a rather energetic sock wrestling tournament. You’ll find loads of opportunities to try different types of crafting and even a chance to learn how to DJ. One of our best bit was popping inside the camera obscura, learning how it works and then spying on friends elsewhere in the Greenpeace area.

camera obscura image at glastonbury green kids

They have board games, table tennis story time. And for tiny tots there’s a separate toddler area.

Again it’s a very safe space with stewards on the entrances keeping an eye out for everyone. The compost toilets here are also very good. It is open between 8am and 9pm Thursday to Sunday.

climbing wall at green kids glastonbury

At the entrance to Green Kids you’ll be able to try the massive climbing wall and vertical slide or have a go on the skate ramp.

skate ramp at glastonbury festival

The Wood

Every child loves a tree house so I’m sure they’ll love the Wood. Centrally located between the Pyramid and John Peel this is a surprising area of tranquility. You head through the entry arch into a shaded and relaxed seating area with some gorgeous wicker sculptures and a nightly fire ceremony.

the wood area at glastonbury with wooden sculptures and a fire in the middle

You can climb the steps up into the walkways in the trees, crossing sturdy rope bridges and some fabulous viewing platforms. It really is a unique way to see the festival site.

young girl in purple t shirt with long curly hair raised walkway at the wood

The Pop up library is also located near the woods where you can listen to a storytime and even sign up to start downloading books.

pop up library bus at glastonbury festival

Glastonbury on Sea

I loved this new addition to the festival site. Glastonbury has managed to create a very real feeling seaside pier. Without the sea of course.

the pier at glastonbury on sea

Kids will love the colourful helter skelter, dodgems, punch and Judy show and funhouse mirrors.

glastonbury on sea photo opportunities

At the end of the pier you’ll find a robotic band which is utterly hypnotic to watch. and it’s a great place for sweet treats as you’ll find candy floss machines and authentic Glastonbury on Sea sticks of rock.

robot playing a drum kit at glastonbury on sea

The Park

Located right behind Arcadia just before you get to Pennard Hill you’ll find the Park area. This is another relaxed space to bring the kids although it can get absolutely packed when a popular act appears on the park stage. It’s one of the best areas to get food and there are plenty of places to sit and take the weight off.

old car completely over grown with plants coming out the top in a field
park area at glastonbury

It’s here you’ll find the famous Rabbit hole, a lovely little bar tent playing some amazing tunes which is absolutely not what it seems!

entrance to the rabbit hole at glastonbury

Just behind the stage is the iconic ribbon tower. You can climb this although we have yet to make it as can never face the queue.

park stage at glastonbury

Kids will also love unleashing their creativity by being allowed to actually write on the walls, leaving their mark on the Communicate wall.

piper quinn writting on the communicate wall at glastonbury

The Glastonbury Sign

Pennard Hill is home to the famous Glastonbury sign. I think a hike up the hill to colourful letters is a must do at some point during the festival. The whole area is absolutely gorgeous and full of Glastonbury icons. 

piper quinn in pink and white check cardigan with fringed skirt looking happy infront of the glastonbury sign

Halfway up is the rainbow man, colourfully watching over the festival. this makes for a great shot looking back to the size of the festival past the ribbon tower. There’s also the fab Tricketts Bar with a few benches, my favourite place to sit with a pint taking it all in.

flat and huge rainbow man sculpture at glastonbury

Near the bottom part of the hill is the hammock area which was a massive hit with our kids, I just felt bad for all the others using the hammocks to sleep off their hangovers.

two kids playing in a green hammock. one is upside down in the hammock peering down at her friend lying on the floor

This year this is where the burning Lotus was located. This was a lovely installation encouraging people to leave messages to loved ones or simply to themselves which were set alight on the Sunday evening. It felt incredibly emotional to write one after the terrible few years we’ve all had. There was a lot of hugging strangers and new friends made. 

the burning lotus at glastonbury festival

Theatre and circus fields

Circus skills are almost as important to Glastonbury as the music so do make sure you visit the Theatre and Circus area. It covers every performing art you can think of and you’ll be able to watch some hugely talented performers and even have a go at some things yourselves. It’s here you’ll find the fantastic laughing yoga sessions – just give it a go, you wont be disappointed!

Girl Playing With A Yoya Wearing A Flower Headband At A Family Friendly Music Festival

The Arcadia spider

I love the Arcadia spider at night in all its lit up, fire breathing, tune pumping glory but it’s also fun to see in the day. And far better if you’re at Glastonbury with kids. We were lucky enough to visit when the owner of the spider was conducting some VIP tours so we actually got to climb inside the DJ booth – yet another true glasto moment.

kids inside the arcadia spider dj booth

kids climbing up the legs of the huge sculptural spider at glastonbury festival

How big is Glastonbury

It’s massive, you’ll cover way more steps than you thought possible and no doubt get lost at least once. The whole site covers over 900 acres including the original Worthy Farm and now lots of neighbouring farms. And it’s perimeter is over eight miles long. It can be quite daunting so I recommend downloading the EE App and using the in app map which will show exactly where you are onsite in relation to the other main areas.

looking out to the ribbon tower at glastonbury festival

Often the best parts of Glastonbury are found totally by accident so make sure you spend some time aimlessly wandering. You’re bound to discover something new and fantastic.

Shopping at Glastonbury

Whilst I’ve included a detailed link to things you need to take to Glastonbury, if you do forget anything, don’t worry you can pick up pretty much anything there. There are a few camping stores for things to keep you comfortable in your tent. You’ll be able to get sunglasses, wellies, flipflops and waterproofs should the weather take you by surprise. I love taking a bit of time out from the bands and exploring the second hand stalls or those selling crazy hats, sparkly jumpsuits and general festival clobber I could only ever wear at Glastonbury.

dancers at glastonbury festival

For the last few years there has been a great little Co-op onsite. Here you can pick up anything you may have forgotten and cheap sandwiches, milk and other supplies. It’s very popular so you may have a little wait to get in.

Eating at Glastonbury

Food at Glastonbury Festival has to be some of the best in the World. Seemingly you can find absolutely anything you want and it’s a great opportunity to try something new. This year we discovered the raclette stand – melting cheese carved over tasty potatoes – the perfect festival pick me up! I also love the spicy noodles and sir fry options which will fill you up quick.

rackette in a cardboard tub from glastonbury festival

There are plenty of Vegan, vegetarian and other dietary options available. It’s part of the vendors promise that they will display allergy information and they will always be happy to talk you through ingredients. Glastonbury is my vegan best friends foodie heaven, unlike most other places she was able to find plenty of tasty varied food in every single food area.

piper quinn sat on a bench outdoors eating a paper plate of rice

I have heard people moan about the price of the food. It’s between £6 and £9 for a main which is surely less than most restaurants. Vendors have to pay a lot for a spot in the festival and it must be such hard work when everyone around them is just having fun. Last year most vendors had a Food for a fiver option. It wasn’t always great – sometimes just a tray of chips. But it was good to be able to grab something to keep the kids happy without breaking the bank.

Glastonbury Souvenirs

Although there’s no guarantee from one year to the next, normally you’ll be given a Glastonbury re usable bag with a Glastonbury program in it when you first enter. You’ll also get a lanyard with the line up printed on which you can wear around your neck to check what is on and when. Of course you’ll get your wrist band although kids under 12 will not get one. You may end up having to donate your’s after the festival.

piper quinn putting her glastonbury reusable bag on her shoulder

There are several shops onsite selling Glastonbury merchandise. Every year we’ve bought t-shirts for the kids – often this gets left until the Sunday so only random sizes and colours are left. We also always get a t towel.

two young girls in oversized glastonbury t shirts from the back

There are Guardian huts all over site where you can buy a paper. This year they were giving out a free bag with each purchase. These sold out really quick so we lost out. If you hear of any promotional items then be sure to get in quick, they’re always super popular.

There are a few spots around the festival where you can buy Glastonbury postcards. Then either post them back to yourself or to friends back home.

entering the pier at glastonbury on sea

Lock ups at Glastonbury

I definitely do not recommend bringing valuables into Glastonbury festival, it’s just not worth the risk of losing them. But there will be days you have to bring in a kids passport or maybe iPads or electronics to keep them entertained that you don’t want to carry with you. There are plenty of lock ups around the festival. Stewards will keep all your belongings super safe until you’re ready to collect them. It doesn’t just have to be valuables you leave. You can check in your beers, extra warm clothing, I’ve even seen a bike left!

girl on dads shoulders with glitter facepaint looking very happy

You can also pick up a challenge 21 wrist band from the property lock ups if you’re lucky enough to look under 21.

Showers at Glastonbury

There aren’t many opportunities to stay clean at Glastonbury. Most people manage with a wash cloth and some baby wipes. If you’re one of those who can’t cope without a shower you’ll find some in the Greenfields. Depending on the time of day you may have to queue for a while. Don’t forget your towel and a bar of soap.

glastonbury festival showers at the green peace fields

The weather

I can’t help much with this. Every year we’ve been it’s been different. Last year was the driest and it made for a really lovely festival if a little dusty. All other times we’ve had a bit or a lot of rain. We’ve even been during storms so bad they had to close the pyramid stage.

dusk at glastonbury festival behind flags and sculptures

Being wet and muddy doesn’t ruin the festival but if you’re at Glastonbury with kids it can make it a lot more difficult. Trailers, wellies, children will all get stuck in the mud. Plus you’ll need good quality raincoats to stay warm and dry. On one muddy year we walked up the hill to the Glastonbury sign. Then had to cling on to the fence on the way back down to avoid slipping in the mud. It’s highly likely you will fall over at least once so changes of clothes are essential.

Whatever the weather it gets very cold at night. Do not forget jumpers, leggings and warm hats to stay cosy. As everyone I’m sure you’ll obsess over the weather apps in the run up to the festival. Don’t focus on it too hard as it is bound to change at the last minute but feel free to keep an eye on it. I always put in Shepton Mallet or Pilton rather than Glastonbury.

Which bands to see

I think most people who visit Glastonbury with or without kids will warn you that you’ll see far fewer bands than you would expect. It’s always the more random things you stumble upon that will take up your time. And that’s even more true if you’re at Glastonbury with kids. Plus the site is huge, it may look like the Other Stage is right next to the Pyramid. In reality it’s at least a 15 minute walk (from the right sides). Even more when there is a crowd and you’re dragging little legs or pulling a trailer.

karen quinn and piper quinn watching a band at the john peel tent at glastonbury

My top tip is to have a maximum or two acts per day you are determined to see. Yes I know it sounds tiny but you’ll hopefully see more. Better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed. If each of your party have 2 must sees then the whole group can join together to make it happen. Even if that means you split up with some looking after the kids and some legging it to the other side of the field to watch the set.

crowds at the pyramid stage at gastonbury

If the kids are a bit older then they will have bands they really want to see. I recommend you do whatever you can to make it happen. My favourite moments at this years festival was watching Piper sing along to Olivia Rodrigo and Girl in Red with a look of absolute joy on her face. Not sets I would be desperate to see but it really was so special.

young girl with glow sticks around her waist and a white hat after dark with eyes closed dancing to live music

Do I need to take cash to Glastonbury

Most vendors accept cards so we don’t take too much cash but it is useful to have some on you. The bar next to the pyramid was cash only last year as were some of the smaller stores. Internet can also go down or vendors can run out of charge for their card machines.

two girls sat in camping chairs with heads together and quirky animal hats on

There are cash machines on site so you don’t need to worry too much about running out. But it might be a bit of a faff trying to find one or standing in a queue when you want to see your favourite band. Some also charge a fee to take out your money.

Staying safe at Glastonbury

Firstly Glastonbury is magical. It’s a complete escape from reality, stress and pressure for a few days so everyone just seems happy and helpful. Crime is so rare and people seem to go out of their way to ensure kids are happy and safe. As anywhere there are a few things you can do to keep your mind at rest.

  • Write your phone number on your childs arm in something that won’t be washed off in the rain. Or you can pick up a kids wristband at info points or in the Kidzfield. Just write your contact details on them.
  • Have a meeting point. There are several official meeting points all over Glastonbury but theres no harm in picking your own. Make it somewhere fairly quiet, easily recognisable and choose a different one in each new area you visit. For example you could opt for the fox sculpture in the woods area or helter skelter in the kidzfield.
coloufully painted meeting point at glastonbury festival
  • Put a friends Phone number in your phone case. Or take a picture of the number and use it as your phones screensaver. That way it’s easy to get back to you if you lose it.
  • I always carry a large day rucksack with our warm clothes, drinks and snacks in. But all my valuables go in a pocket in my bum bag. I leave most of my cards at home and never take expensive jewellery. My phone is always in a case with a strap I can wear across my body. I can easily take photos and don’t drop it in the mud.
  • Ear defenders are a must for kids. The music can be really loud close to the stages or in some of the dance tents. They will also appreciate them if they need some quiet time in all the crowds. Plus they may even enable them to have a quick nap on the go.
Toddler Wearing Ear Phones In A Sparkly Top At Glastonbury Festival
  • Pre warn the kids about the crowds, they can be huge and totally overwhelming. If you see your child start to be panicked then leave the area immediately. There are always quiet places to retreat to. Green kids and the kidzfield both have quiet tents.
  • Keep everyone fed and hydrated.

Taxis at Glastonbury

There is only one taxi rank at Glastonbury and you’ll find that by Gate A. That’s a long old walk from the pyramid stage at the end of the night. It normally takes us around 45 minutes to get to the taxi rank. Then there’s always a bit of a queue. If you leave after the last main act expect to wait 15 minutes for a taxi. If you leave in the middle of the night after a few hours in Shangi La (this would obviously not be with the kids) expect to queue for over an hour. 

walking in to glastonbury music festival

Last year we were staying around a half hour drive from the festival. It cost £40 to get back and the driver was super friendly. Although we normally avoid the need for a taxi by one of us having a day off the booze so we can drive back to where we are staying.

Parking at Glastonbury

If you are bringing a car you will need to pre order a car pass. This should arrive at the same time as your tickets. If you forget to do this or your plans change you can normally buy one when you arrive. But it is a bit more expensive. The car parks are all outside the gates. Once you get within a few miles of the festival stewards will direct you where to go. It helps if you already have your sticker on your windshield.

walking through car park to get to gates at glastonbury festival

In summary, Glastonbury is an absolutely magical place, and I would argue even more so with kids. The feeling you get when you’re there is hard for even me to put into words. It’s freedom, completely without judgement, absolute joy and surges of emotion. It’s completely escaping the world for a few days. And then returning with new ideas and more space in your heart. I hate to be a cliche but watching it on the TV doesn’t nearly do it justice. Even if you think it’s not for you (I definitely did before I went) I implore you to try it, what’s the worst that can happen?!

girl standing under flags in park area at glastonbury

Do you have any more top tips for staying sane at Glastonbury with kids? Have you been? Let me know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Glastonbury with kids, is it worth it? Top Tips and more”

  1. Hi,

    We’re also staying outside of the festival and wondering what’s the best way to get in and out every day. I purchased a parking pass just in case but should we take a taxi in and out every day, or should we try driving every day? Our Airbnb is under 2 miles away north of the festival and I’m not quite sure how walkable it is.

    • Hi, getting taxis and driving are pretty easy and we tend to do a bit of each. You’ll be able to drive in and out with your car parking pass each day and we found this super convenient for the kids – they could nap in the back as we drove back to our accommodation plus there were no taxi waits. You’ll obviously need to have a non-drinker in your party to be safe. If you do fancy a drink then taxis are easy to come by at the end of the night. We only used the one taxi rank and tended to leave before the rush so didn’t have to wait more than 15 minutes. Stewards will guide you in the right direction. My husband left at 3am one night and had a huge wait in the taxi queue. Just remember there is a big walk back to the carparks or taxi rank at the end of the night – give yourselves time to take it easy. I probably wouldn’t recommend walking from your Airbnb, pedestrian access is restricted in certain areas so you may come across a lengthy detour. Plus you’ll be walking miles around the festival grounds each day – save your energy for the fun stuff!
      Hope you have an absolutely fantastic Glastonbury, the line up looks great this year.

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