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Loro Parque Reviews

Tenerife is packed with fantastic things to do with kids, one of our favourites is located in the North of the Island in Puerto de la Cruz. Loro Parque is a huge zoo and bird park attracting thousands of visitors each year. It has been named the best zoo in the world by Tripadvisor, there are some great Loro Parque reviews on there but don’t just take their word for it, read on for my review of Loro Parque and what you can expect when you get there.

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piper quinn on a seaside wall with a big floppy straw hat on in puerto de la cruz

Originally a bird park (Loro means parrot in Spanish) the park has expanded to include many other wonderful creatures making it one of the most comprehensive zoos in the world. There is however a huge focus on tropical birds with their aviary and bird show being the best I’ve ever seen, but more on that later.

Where is Loro Parque

Loro Parque is on the North of Tenerife Island. We were staying near Adeje which is South so had quite a drive to get there. It took us just over an hour from Costa Adeje along the TF1. If you’re making the journey it’s worth giving yourself some time to stop along the way and appreciate the natural beauty and cute Canarian towns.

piper quinn on a wall at the eco museum in tenerife

We went slightly off route and visited the Eco Museum of Tenerife for a quick toilet break and to stretch our legs. The views were absolutely amazing!

beautiful view of tenerife blue skies and green forests

Puerta de la Cruz is another popular base for holiday makers visiting the island, Loro Parque is one of the first things you’ll see when you enter the town, it’s huge so you can’t miss it!

flamingoes at loro parquewaves at puerto de la cruz beach

In a similar fashion to Siam Park, the zoo is Asian in design making it really stand out from its Spanish surrounds.

Best attractions at Loro Parque

Planet Penguin

We started our visit at Planet Penguin, an indoor iceberg, home to hundreds of cute penguins. They have water to swim in, actual snow falling from the ceiling and plenty of friends to buddy up to.

two penguins standing straight up at loro parque, puerto de la cruz

It’s lovely and cold inside planet penguin, you’re moved around the exhibit on a conveyor belt with a block of freezing ice to one side. Of course we had to touch!

planet penguin at loro parque, tenerife

Planet Penguin is home to 4 different types of penguins, the Gento, the King, the Rockhopper and the Chinstaps and I would really struggle to tell you which were my favourites.

The Aquarium

The aquarium at Loro Parque is home to more than 100 sea creatures, the circular tube filled with sparkling silver fish and stingrays is almost hypnotising. All water used in the aquarium comes directly from the Atlantic ocean and is filtered and treated to make it suitable for each different exhibit.

silver fish swimming in the aquarium at lord parquethundreds of fish at loro parque aquarium

The park also has an impressive jellyfish area and a jellyfish breeding program, part of which you can see.

jellyfish at loro parque zoo in tenerifepiper quinn looking at jellyfish in puerto de la cruz

Katandra treetops

This was my favourite part of the whole park, you could easily convince yourself you’d been transported to the jungles of Asia rather than an animal park in Spain!

You walk through the protected doorways and will immediately be surrounded by free flying birds of all colours and species.

colourful parrot at loro parque

The aviary leads you over several levels as you head up towards the treetops you’ll be able to get up close to the birds snacking on bowls of fruit, they really are stunning.

parrot eating fruit at loro parque in tenerife

Loro Parque is home to more than 350 species and subspecies of parrots, and I would have happily just visited to see these beautiful creatures.

Once you leave Katandra Treetops, you’ll walk through Jungle Ara, a lovely shaded area with hanging vines, gentle waterfalls and the sound of singing macaws.

bird enclosure at loro parque in puerto de la cruz

Parrot Show

Once you’ve see these beautiful birds up close, have a look at just how clever they are. The bird show at Loro Parque is a combination of comedy and conservation. The birds complete funny tricks, riding little bikes, working out basic maths and the voiceover will talk of the destruction of their natural habitat.

two ladies performing at trick with parrots at loro parque

I loved the show and would recommend you make this a priority during your visit. It’s one of the busiest in the park so check the schedule and arrive at least ten minutes before the start to ensure you get a seat.

Mammals at Loro Parque

Loro Parque is also home to many mammals, they have Gorillas, red pandas, lions, chimpanzees, sloths, sealions and more.

ant eater at loro parquean puerto de la cruzdolphins at loro parque in tenerife

We loved the meerkats, for some reason these always seem to be the biggest draw for kids.

meerkat enclosure at loro parque, tenerifemeerkat standing tall at loro parque in tenerife

Kinderlandia play area

When the kids get sick of all the animals on display (if that’s even possible) then head to Loro Parques raised play area. There are bridges to cross and nets to climb and slides to, well, slide down!

piper quinn smiling into camera wearing a yellow loro parque cap

There is a small coffee shop over looking the area. The grown ups can enjoy a drink and a sit whilst watching little ones burn off some steam.

rollercoaster at loro parque, puerto de la cruz

Next to Kinderlandia you’ll find a small rollercoaster which can be ridden for an extra couple of euros. It’s not too big to be terrifying but goes quick enough. There’s bound to be a few squeals.

Where to eat in Loro Parque

Loro Park has seven different bars and restaurants to suit most tastes. You can find steak, Thai food and even Italian. We just opted for a quick burger from Choza de Los Duques. A self service restaurant as we wanted to see as much of the park as possible.

burger bought at loro parque from one of the many restaurantsself service restaurant at Loro Parque

Where else to eat in Puerto de la Cruz

If you would rather eat outside of the park then just a short walk up the coastal road is the Andana Beach Club which we visited before heading back to our hotel. The vibe is very relaxed and the food is exquisite. I imagine it can get pretty lively in the evenings but it was completely family friendly at around half six!

andana beach club a great restaurant in puerto de la cruz

Conservation at Loro Parque

Over the past 20 years, Loro Parque has invested over 17 million dollars into research and conservation projects around the world. Clearly demonstrating its commitment to saving endangered creatures and their habitats.

otter at loro parque in tenerife

The park is also committed to the continuation of all their beautiful species. You will be able to view the Baby Station where they care for recently hatched parrots and other chicks.

fantastic mammals at loro parque zoo

Buy Loro Parque Tickets

Loro Parque is expensive, there’s no getting away from that. But a large portion of your ticket money goes to caring for the animals.

Get the best deal on Loro Parque tickets by buying them in advance online. An adult ticket to Loro Parque will cost you £32 and a child (6-11 years) just £23. You’ll also get a €5 voucher to spend when you’re at the park.

For a little extra (£46 for adults, £32 for kids) you can get a Loro Parque premium ticket which includes the discovery tour, reserved show seats and lunch at the park.

Children under 6 are free!

tall pale blue birds at loro parque

General Loro Parque tips

Where to Park at Loro Parque

If you arrive by car then parking at Loro Parque  can be a bit of a nightmare. They have limited parking close to the park with a larger car park further down the road. Here you can hop on the land train which will take you to the park entrance.

thai design at loro parque in puertp de la cruz

We parked in free parking further along the coast road and walked for around ten minutes to get to the park.

Loro Parque Opening Times

Loro Parque is open everyday between 8.30am and 6.45pm.

Last entry to the park is 4pm.

You can see all of Loro Parques show times here.

How much time to spend at Loro Parque

You could easily spend all day at Loro Parque, even if you arrive right at opening. Your timings will probably be dictated by where you’re staying. It will take you a while to get there if you have to travel from the South of the island. We arrived at lunchtime and stayed until closing. I wish we had some more time.

pretty trees at lord parque zoo in puerto de la cruz

Loro Parque Address

Avendida Loro Parque,

Puerto de la Cruz, 38400,


piper quinn hugging a sea lion sculpture at loro parque

Where to stay in Puerto de la Cruz

As mentioned, we were stayed in the South of the island at the Roca Nivaria Hotel and traveled over an hour to get to the park. If you want to stay a bit closer in Puerto de la Cruz then the highest rated family friendly hotel on Tripadvisor is the Hotel Botanico & The Oriental Spa Garden which looks absolutely stunning.

Read my full review of the Roca Nivaria luxury hotel.

What else is there to do in Puerto de la Cruz

Visit Tenerife’s famous black beaches

There’s something pretty odd about walking on a beach of black sand. But once you get your head around it, it’s actually really pretty. Puerto de la Cruz has plenty of both sandy and rocky beaches. Perfect to spend an afternoon soaking up the Canarian sun and playing in the waves.

stunning black beach in Puerto De La Cruz with daisies in the foregroundsunbathers on a black beach in puerto de la cruz

Lago Martiánez

This is an amazing artificial water area with seven man made seawater pools. There are gorgeous gardens and plenty of bars and restaurants. Costa Martiánez is beautifully designed with many sculptures and quirky features. It’s no surprise that famous Lanzarote artist Cesar Manrique had a hand in its creation.

Explore the old town

Puerto De La Cruz is a lovely place to just have a wander and occasional stop for a coffee. There are some beautiful old buildings such as this gorgeous church for you to explore.

pretty white church in puerto de la cruz, tenerife

For another fantastic day out in Tenerife, have a look at our review of Siam Park, the best water park on the island. You can buy combi tickets to both parks with a fantastic discount. Just £57 for adults and £41 for children. This is a huge saving from the gate price AND you get a €10 voucher to use in either park.

siam park a great day out in tenerife

Take a look at this short video of Loro Parque to really appreciate the beauty of the place.

Make sure you pin for later for planning things to do in Puerto de la Cruz.

things to do in puerto de la cruz, visit loro parque

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