The Amazing Lost City Area In Siam Park, Tenerife

Siam Park: tips for a fantastic visit with kids

Tenerife is one of the most popular family holiday destinations from the UK so it’s no surprise that it’s packed with kid friendly activities. It can be hard to choose how to fill those precious holiday days and decide where is best to spend your hard earned holiday budget. Top of your list should be Siam Park, the best waterpark on the Island and probably the best in Europe. At Tenerifes Siam Park, kids are very welcome.

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top tips on visiting Siam park with kids this is the entrance and exit to one of the slides

We spent a day at Siam Park during the recent Easter holidays and Piper (my 8 year old) had an absolute blast trying out all the family friendly rides.

piper quinn at siam park in tenerife under an archway of fountains

The park itself is beautiful, with Thai style design features and lush vegetation reminiscent of our holidays to Asia. Here are all the Siam Park tips we picked up so you can make the most of your visit.

Siam Park Kids rides

Siam Park is brilliant for kids right through from toddlers to teens. So much thought has gone into designing the rides with kids in mind. No, they won’t be able to go on everything but the rides they can, they (and you) will love.

Siam Park Lazy River

This was probably our favourite of all the attractions at Siam Park. We liked the Mai Thai lazy river so much we went on about 4 times.

families enjoying themselves on the lazy river at siam park in tenerife

The lazy river has two options, one with an exciting but pretty small slide which finishes through a tropical fish filled aquarium. The other is even lazier, missing out the slide altogether.

Both routes take you through the beautiful park past some waterfalls (you may get a bit wet) and the pretty greenery which is planted all around Siam Park.

One of the friendly attendants can steer you in the direction you choose so don’t worry too much about having to paddle like a maniac.

You will have the option of a single rider rubber ring, a double for two people and even some triples although we couldn’t get our hands on these during our busy visit.

the entrance to the last river at siam park

The entrance to the lazy river can get a little busy as riders get on and off at the same place. Just be patient and ask one of the attendants to help if you need assistance getting on your ring.

Minimum Height 1.1m

Siam Park Naga Racer

This is a good one for competitive families as you actually get to race each other. You’re on mats rather than rings and go down the wavy slide head first. In can feel pretty fast for little ones but it’s actually quite calm.

naga racer water slide at siam park great for kids

Minimum Height 1.1m

The Lost City area in Siam Park

This is probably the best place to park yourselves if you’re visiting Siam Park with young kids. Its essentially Siam Park kids play area. It’s an immense area full of child friendly slides, towers to scale, nets to climb, water shooters and a huge monkey bucket head that slowly fills up and covers everyone with water.

the amazing lost city area in siam park, tenerife

It reminded me of Willy Wonkas chocolate factory rather than a Thai style waterpark and we absolutely loved it!

There is also a baby/toddler pool in this area with super shallow water and tiny slides so the whole family can have some fun.

No height restriction.

toddler friendly slide at siam park

The Jungle Snake at Siam Park.

This is another slide you can go on with kids with the option of two rider rings. There are several to choose from, some which are open so you can see the scenery, some which are enclosed.

Minimum heigh 1.1m with an adult.

The Bodhi Trail

Not actually a water slide, more of a kids play area, this raised walkway consists of nets to climb and bridges to cross. It’s next to the splash fountains which are a guaranteed child pleaser on a hot day.

the body trail at siam park, a selection of raised pathways and climbing nets

There are also several other slides more suited to little kids dotted around the park, Piper of course had to try each one we passed!

toddler slides at siam park

Sandy beaches at Siam Park

At Siam Park kids will love the beach area. White sandy beaches can be hard to come by in Tenerife but not at Siam Park. They have two!

Coco Beach

This was our favourite area of the park to relax and we spent plenty of time swimming in the “sea” getting washed up in the gentle waves.

piper quinn being washed up by the waves on coco beach at siam park

It was the quietest part of the park we visited on the day which I think made it even nicer – it’s a bit further away from the high adrenalin rides and presumably people couldn’t be bothered with the walk.

beautiful coco beach at siam park with a calm wave machine

This is also where we ate lunch. Nuggets and a burger from the beachside restaurant. It’s typical fast food but don’t worry, you’ll burn it off with all that swimming. They also have healthier sandwich options if you’re not after anything hot. It’s not cheap but you are in a waterpark!

sandwiches and other dining options at siam park

Siam Beach and The Palace of Waves

This one is the largest of the two and a lot busier. Again the sand is soft and white and there are many sunloungers for relaxing on.

siam beach with rows of sun loungers at siam beach at siam park

This is where you’ll find the biggest artificial waves in the world, rising up to 3 metres high! Don’t worry, they’re normally about half this size! You can even pre book surfing lessons if you like.

Most exhilarating rides at Siam Park

For some of the faster slides at Siam Park, kids may not want to try so these are more adult/teenager focussed.

The Tower of Power

Whilst we spent a good amount of time watching the other crazy people enjoy this one, we all sat it out. Piper is too little and I’m just too much of a wimp.

the tower of power a scary water slide at siam park

It has a 28m high drop which you speed down finishing through the inside of a glass tunnel through the shark filled aquarium before being popped out the other side.

Minimum Height 1.42m

The Patong Rapids

This is one of the newer additions to the parks and is pretty quick but super fun. Friends or family can share a blow up ring so you are all together, holding on for dear life!

the patong rapids ride at siam park in tenerife

Be warned, part of this ride takes you through darkness, it doesn’t last for too long but it is a little disconcerting at first.

Minimum height 1.1m

The Singha at Siam Park

This is another one I didn’t really fancy but is one of the newest rides in the park so worth a mention for all you adrenaline junkies out there.

You ride it on a toboggan style inflatable and can reach speeds of up to 18m per second so it’s pretty much a roller coaster on water. EEEKKKK

Minimum height 1.25m

park map of siam park waterpark in tenerife

There are loads of other slides and attractions at Siam Park, these are just some of our favourites/most popular ones. See the full list here.

Safety at Siam Park

The staff take safety very seriously at Siam Park and height restrictions must be obeyed. Don’t let the kids stand on tiptoes to try to get on, attendants are strict with it for your own safety.

young girl checking out the height restrictions at siam park

Don’t jump off your ring whilst on the rides, it’s dangerous, even on the lazy river and hold on tight to any jumpy kids.

There are life guards in all the beach areas but as always, keep a close eye on your children, especially when the waves start.

safety workers at siam park helping people get on and off rides

If you’re going to be trying out the rides as a family, or just don’t fancy carrying your clothes around, it’s a good idea to hire a locker. There are plenty of locker stations around the park and it will cost you €10 for a family sized locker. €5 of which you’ll get back when you return your key.

row of lockers at siam Park in Tenerife

Locker areas can get super busy, we booked one near the lazy river and we couldn’t get to it at times due to the groups of teens. They could probably do with making the rows a bit larger. Better yet, leave your valuables in your hotel safe.

Practical tips for visiting Siam Park

How long to spend in Siam park

If you’re visiting for a full day, you might want to consider hiring one of the uber posh cabanas. This will give you admission for 4 people, acess to the cabana all day, all inclusive food and drink, fast pass entry to all the rides apart from Tower of Power and lockers and floats for the days.

piper quinn having fun at siam park

There are plenty of other quieter and free sun lounger areas for you to take a break for half an hour, most can be spotted from the lazy river.

If you can spare the time, I would recommend staying for a full day, you’ll easily get your money’s worth and wont feel so rushed cramming in all the attractions.

quiet sun lounger area at siam park as seen from the lazy river

Siam Water Park Tickets

I recommend buying your tickets online before you visit to ensure you get the best deal. Attractiontix has some fantastic deals. Adult tickets for Siam Park are just £34 per adult and £24 per child and you can use them on any day of your holiday ensuring you get the best weather. You’ll also get a £5 voucher to spend in the park during your visit. Book your tickets for Siam Park Here.

a black swan at siam park in tenerife, spain

If you prefer to buy your tickets on the day then it will cost you €38 for adults and €26 for children.

Best time to visit Siam Park

It’s best to start your day early to avoid the worst of the crowds and allow yourself a shaded break during the hottest times of the day.

two dragons at siam park

If you can visit out of the peak European holidays you’ll avoid the worst of the queues with May being the best month for the weather. We were there during the UK Easter holidays and although there were definitely lots of people around, we didn’t have to queue for too long for anything.

Parking at Siam Park

Siam Park has a car park just around the corner from the main entrance to the park. Depending on how far up you have to park, it will take you around 5 minutes to walk in.

The car park fills up pretty quickly so aim to arrive early to secure a spot.

How to get to Siam Park

Siam Park is located in Adeje in the South West of Tenerife. Its not too far from Tenerife South Airport.

If you are driving, Siam Park is just off the TF-1, just take exit 73 and follow the signs.

Avda. Siam Park s/n. Adeje
+34 822 070 000

Siam Park offers a free bus services from popular tourist resorts on Tenerife such as Los Cristianos, Las Américas and Costa Adeje. See the stop locations here.

people getting off a slide at siam park in tenerife

What to take to Siam Park

The sun in Tenerife is fierce. You’re so much closer to the equator than we are in the UK, it’s easy to burn even on a cloudy day. Add to that the famous canary island winds and you won’t even notice you’ve spent too long in the sun. Take plenty of suncream and reapply often. Being in and out of the water and huddled in towels means your regular applications won’t last as long as usual.

eight year old girl enjoying the fountains at siam park

For all the reasons above and as it’s generally good practice, take plenty of water. It’s expensive to buy in the park and you won’t want to dehydrate causing you to end your day earlier than you’d like due to heatstroke.

Take a towel for everyone. Once you’re off the rides it can be chilly walking from attraction to attraction, you’ll probably want to wrap yourself in some kind of towel or cover up.

thai design at siam park in tenerife

Arrive with some cheap flip flops. It is possible to buy water safe shoes in the park which you can go on the rides wearing. We didn’t do this and were fine barefoot on the rides but we did wear our flip flops to walk around the park. Nobody wants cut or burnt feet to ruin their day.

shoe storage at siam park next to some of the rides

You wont be able to wear your flip flops on the rides but most people just leave them at the entrance. Some of the rides even have shoe storage locations.

Siam Park Opening hours

Summer season (May 1st – October 31st) 10am til 6pm .

Winter season (November 1st – April 31st) 10am til 5pm.

To get a better idea of the look and feel of Siam Park, take a look at this short video we created. My top tip for our next visit will be to take a waterproof camera so I can shoot some more footage!

If you’re looking for fantastic things to do in Tenerife with kids then have a look at my review of Loro Parque, the best zoo on the Island. Or for family friendly accommodation in Tenerife then check out the Roca Nivaria, a luxury hotel, perfect for kids.

Make sure to pin for later for your next family holiday to Tenerife.

Everything you need to know about visiting siam park in Tenerife

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