Top places to get the best view of the Eiffel Tower

At over 300 metres tall you can get a pretty great view of the Eiffel Tower from most spots in Paris. Its triangular shape welcomes you to the city and provides an excellent grounding point if you’re feeling a little lost. However sometimes you want to be a little bit extra and get some really unique shots. These are my favourite spots from where you can get the best view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Parvis Des Libertes

view of eiffel tower from trocadero

Enjoying an elevated position which offers great views of the surrounding city, the Parvis Des Libertes is a great place to visit the Iron lady. Here you’ll also discover Jardins du Trocadero which is a 10,000 metre stretch of green surrounding the Warsaw fountain and its twenty water fountains. It’s gently sloping banks which take you back down to ground level are some of the best places for a picnic with a view in Paris.

Under Pont d’Lena

heart shaped cloud appearing form behind the Eiffel Tower

This lovely bridge crossing the Seine offers another somewhat unusual vantage from slightly beneath the tower. If you stand back a little you can just see the carousel next to the base of the tower and fingers crossed the clouds play ball like here when you visit.

Another lovely view is from the other side of the Pont d’Lena. This bridge links the tower to the Trocadero. The whole stretch is lit up at night making it the perfect place to see the tower after dark.

Alexander III Bridge

I love this historic bridge with its extravagant lighting and pristine railing. It’s lovely to see the Eiffel Tower from afar across the river, towering over the rest of the city. It’s just such a beautiful bridge with such a beautiful back drop.

view of the eiffel tower from Alexander III bridge

Champ de Mars

The park at the back of the Eiffel Tower is an absolutely gorgeous spot and offers a lovely place to set up a picnic whilst enjoying the best view of the Eiffel Tower.

the eiffel tower above a row of green trees

This park is home to the wall of peace which was built in the year 2000 with the word peaceĀ displayed in 32 different languages. It’s an incredibly moving monument.

great view of the eiffel tower under a blue sky from the champ de mar

Get Up Close

The form and structure of the Eiffel Tower is an absolutely beautiful thing and the size and scale needs to be viewed up close to really appreciate it. I love standing under the tower (as close as I can get anyway) and looking up to the tip. During Spring and Summer months when Paris is surprisingly green you can get some lovely shots through the leaves.

eiffel tower through green leaves

Or just focus on parts of the tower to take in the intricate iron structure.

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base of the eiffel tower

sun shining from behind the eiffel tower taken from below

From Along the Train Tracks

For what feels like an authentic view of the Eiffel Tower, you’ll want to include something a bit gritty and urban. The inclusion of train tracks or a houseboat are just perfect.

house boat on the river seine with the eiffel tower in the background

Either take the train to Javel Station or walk 10 minutes away from the tower along the Seine towards the station. Turn round and take in the beauty.

eiffel tower seen from along train tracks

The Side Streets

There are so many picturesque side streets around the Iron Lady, I’m not going to guide you to a specific. Just follow your nose. Look up and take in the view of the triangular structure peering over the delightful old buildings. Several of these will be home to sweet little cafes and bars making them the ideal spots in Paris for coffee with a view.

view of the eiffel tower from a swet side street in paris

So did I include your favourite view of the Eiffel Tower? I’d love to know where you head for the best shots. Just let me know in the comments below.

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For another amazing place to get some epic shots of France I recommend a day trip to the Palace of Versailles. It’s just stunning and less than an hours train journey from central Paris.

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