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Visiting RAF Cosford with kids, a fab, free day out.

Isn’t it amazing when a place really surprises you? That’s exactly how we felt about our visit to the Royal Air Force Museum at Cosford. Although we’re always interested in history and large machinery, we’re not massive fans of planes but thought we’d pop in to this museum as we were in the area and I’m so very glad we did. It’s so well set up, full of such interesting exhibits I’ve been telling everyone I meet they need to give it a try. Visiting RAF Cosford with kids is definitely one to add to your UK family bucket list.

rockets from above at RAF cosford

On the day we visited it was a bit rainy but as we’ve been trying to stay out doors as much as possible we fully expected to get a little wet. Whilst Cosford does have some outdoor exhibits, it is mainly indoors, set over several huge air craft hangers. They’re all massive, easy to find distance and very well ventilated.

Cosford is still an operational airbase and home to RAF training squadrons, this is not just a dusty old war museum, it feel modern and alive and an important learning space for future aviators.

As you wander through the various display hangers you’ll of course see some fascinating aircraft from all eras of British RAF history. Some are absolutely huge, some have interesting back stories and some are even suspended in the air.

I particularly loved the cold war hanger which presented the history in clear and sympathetic ways. It prompted some very interesting conversations with 9 year old Piper as it was not an era she’s covered at school. I learned loads too! Visiting RAF Cosford with kids is absolutely a learning opportunity for the whole family. They also have some Cold War weaponry which gave me goosebumps – I’d never been so close to missiles before.

We loved learning about the first female pilots and imagining how difficult and scary life would be during times of war.

Piper loved the interactive kiosks which felt like little war rooms. These were allowing just one family bubble in at a time during our visit. I was very impressed with all the additional measure to keep us safe around the museum.

piper quinn looking up into a military aircraft suspended above

You won’t just learn heaps about military history, Cosford provides a great opportunity for a physics lesson and will guide kids through the science of how planes stay in the air. Many of the interactive exhibits are closed off for now – I’ll definitely be revisiting when its safe to open them again.

How much does it cost to visit the museum?

And the best news – the museum is amazingly still free to visit. Making RAF Cosford with kids a top day out in the UK. You will have to make sure you book tickets online before your visit though. Like everywhere currently, they are working hard to ensure a visit is as safe and socially distanced as possible. You will have to pay a small fee to park.

Where is RAF Cosford

The museum is located just outside of Wolverhampton in the middle of the UK. It’s easy to get to from the M54.

The Carpark was plenty big enough and you won’t have to walk far to enter the museum.

Royal Air Force Museum Cosford,



TF11 8UP

Facilities at RAF Cosford

There were plenty of clean toilets in all the hangers and at the main visitor centre entrance. RAF Cosford is also home to two cafes. One at the visitor centre and one at the National Cold War Exhibition. The food looked excellent and we enjoyed a hot drink after our visit.

If you do visit Cosford now, please ensure you wear a face covering at all times and remain in your family bubble.

Another lovely little place to visit nearby is Wightwick Manor and gardens which is just over ten minutes drive from RAF Cosford.

If your kids are into planes then they’ll likely be into cars too. Another great museum to visit is the British Motor Museum in Warwickshire. I’m guessing they’ll also love a visit to the National Space Centre in Leicestershire.

For real flight fans, a visit to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC, USA will be an absolute dream come true. It’s another fabulous free museum although a bit of a distance to travel to!

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