multimedia screen in the saudi arabia pavilion

What to expect from the Saudi Pavilion, Expo 2020

If you’re looking for a jaw dropping experience in Dubai then the Saudi Pavilion, Expo 2020 is the place for you. Located in the Opportunity District (of course) this is the second biggest pavilion at Expo. And I would argue the glitziest. It really does celebrate everything Saudi Arabia has to offer. Its people, natural landscape and future aspirations, the pavilion is by far one of the most popular at Expo.

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Multimedia techniques are deployed right across the pavilion, beginning with a beautiful curved screen showcasing the natural attractions Saudi has to offer and a live presentation as you enter.

muultimedia screen showing a turtle under the sea

Saudi Arabia’s Heritage

Next it’s on to an escalator taking you past some much loved heritage of the country. You’ll pass intricate models of some of the most famous sights of Saudi Arabia parts of which are bought to life with projected animations.

heritage features at the saudi pavilion


At the top you’ll reach another massive multimedia screen where you can learn more about the country and its tourism aspiration. The size of the screen and curved handrail really makes you feel like you are there and yes, I’m convinced, I’d love to visit one day.

multimedia screen featuring deep orange sand and a camel

multimedia screen looking at desert in saudi arabia

Smart Cities

Then it’s back down another escalator under a stunning art installation of over 2,000 crystals. Passing through Saudi’s vision of an innovative and sustainable Smart new city.

passing under a huge crystal art installation at the saudi pavilion


You’ll eventually come into a large, dark multimedia room. This is the “Vision” section of the experience and is like being inside a massive ornate kaleidoscope. With colours, lights and patterns the huge sphere is changing constantly. Even the floor is interactive and we all enjoyed jumping around watching the lights interact with our bodies. Plus it’s another World record for the pavilion – the Worlds largest interactive floor! None of us wanted to leave.

black and white multimedia room with kaleidoscope in the foreground

kaleidoscope ball at the saudi pavilion

The Cafe

Finally its down to the lower level, a bright white, clean space. Here there are plenty of high tables to sit and chat. You can grab a drink from the Sard Cafe or buy souvenirs before heading back up the stairs to get your passport stamped.

draping green fines across a white roof at from below

The Building

Stretching across equivalent to two football pitches and proudly standing 5 storeys high the pavilion building was designed by Boris Micka Associates. Its gravity defying mirror covered exterior floor is the largest LED mirror screen in the world you can watch yourselves queue as you wait to enter the pavilion. This also has different light shows on it depending on what time of day you visit.

saudi arabia pavilion at expo 2020

There are more than 650 solar panels on the roof of the pavilion which is partly used to power the presentations. 80% of the waste materials used in the construction of the Pavilion was recycled.

Queueing for the Saudi Pavilion at Expo

The queues weren’t too bad when we visited midweek at around 5pm. We waited probably 10 minutes watching ourselves in the giant mirrored ceiling.

queues at the saudi arabia pavilion at expo 2020

Then for a further ten watching the pretty water feature before entering the building.

water feature at the entrance to the saudi pavilion at expo 2020

What we learned from the Saudi Arabia Pavilion

We Loved the Saudi Pavilion at Expo 2020 and learned so much about the country. I honestly never realised just how naturally beautiful it is. We were also super inspired by its vision for cities to come. And innovations to make them smarter and more sustainable. This pavilion is oh so clever and clearly a lot of thought, time, effort and yes money has gone into it. The Saudi Pavilion really is a window to the future.

Other amazing pavilions to visit at Expo include the Plant covered Singapore pavilion where you’ll discover more about innovative cities of the future or the Netherlands Pavilion for a lesson in sustainable farming.

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