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Why It’s Important to Travel with Toddlers and Young Children

Why Travel Is Never Wasted On The Young.

For most parents, the idea of travelling with small children can be a little daunting. But travel for toddlers can be an amazing experience for them.

No matter how much you love your toddler, taking care of them is still a lot of work. Even if you’re just at home. That’s why the prospect of having to address their needs in an unfamiliar place can be more than enough to scare new parents away from family holidays.

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However, there might be more to exploring the world with a toddler in tow, as it can have a lot of benefits that you might miss out on.

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First – What’s so scary about travel for toddlers?

Anyone who has ever brought up the idea of travelling with their children has likely been met with some negativity. Aside from the logistical aspect of the whole thing, people may tell you that there is no point in bringing them since they probably won’t remember most of the trip anyway The Independent reports that children only start forming long-term memories at the age of five to six, so you may think to yourself that you should just spend the vacation money much later on.

Another more common reason is simply that it’s a lot of work, and that it can be really frustrating and difficult.

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But here’s why you should do it anyway.

There are many benefits to bringing your children along when you travel.

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First, research detailed on The Telegraph reveals that kids who travel are smarter because of their adventures, as exploring new places can help speed up brain development and improve concentration. This is thanks to all the new sights, smells, and sounds they encounter. Which can do amazing things for their curiosity. So although your toddler may not remember the specific details of your trip. These will still help shape their personality and development. Moreover, going on vacation stimulates their minds because you are able to bond and communicate with them more when you’re not distracted by your usual busy schedule. A benefit both you and your child can appreciate.

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Secondly, if you’re worried about tantrums, the good news is that kids are more adaptable than you expect. When they get used to travelling and new environments, they will most likely be less fussy. After all, it’s all one big adventure!

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Keep in mind that your stress rubs off on them, so try to project excitement instead. You’ll see that, more often than not, they will be willing to try spicy Thai food with you. Or even indulge in strange-sounding desserts with their siblings.

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Lastly, travelling with your toddler can rekindle a sense of wonder that you may have lost a long time ago. Indeed, even the most mundane things will seem beautiful when your child is thrilled about them. After all, how could you possibly not smile at the sight of them happily watching a unique and colourful festival. Or playing on a sandy beach?

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Preparation is Key

Frustration on both ends can be avoided by being prepared before the trip. Pack all the essentials and more to guarantee a stress-free vacation. Make sure to bring the necessary first aid kit, which includes Calpol, bandages, plasters, allergy medicine, and hand sanitiser. Also, fill your bag with snacks to avoid the grumpiness caused by hunger during those long lines at the airport.

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Equipment to make travel for toddlers easier

Another option for parents with younger children is to bring a stroller. You can make it easier for yourself during the selection process by picking one that is purpose made for travelling. When choosing a pushchair for your young one’s adventures, iCandy notes the importance of a sturdy and lightweight design for easy packing and manoeuvring as well as your child’s safety and comfort. Remember that pushchairs are invaluable for when toddlers inevitably get tired from too much walking. And when they do have to walk, Nike points out how toddlers’ shoes should be easy to wear and take off. Thankfully, there are many footwear brands nowadays that are designed to be simple and durable enough for the outdoors.

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Overall, the benefits of travelling with your kids far outweigh any issues you may encounter. With the right preparation and enthusiasm, it will always end up as a rewarding and memorable bonding experience for the whole family.

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Now I’ve convinced you that travel with young kids is always worth it, check out these tips on traveling long haul with kids to ensure you’re as prepped as possible for your next adventure.

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why its important to travel with toddlers and young children

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