Visiting Koh Mudsum or Pig Island, Thailand

One of the top unique things to do on Koh Samui is a trip out to Koh Mudsum or Pig Island. It’s an absolutely stunning destination with a rustic and relaxed vibe about thirty minutes sail from Koh Samui. Plus it’s home to some very unique residents! So here’s everything you need to know about visiting Pig Island, Thailand. And why a pig island tour, Koh Samui should absolutely be on your bucketlist.

soft white sand beach hugging a turquiose bay on pig island, thailand

Just to clear up any confusion, this island has several iterations of its name. It’s known as Koh Mudsum, Koh Mutsum, Koh Madsum, Koh Matsum and all the spellings in between. The official photo op board is Matsum Island! I just like to call it pig island but I’ll try to use all its names in this post.

photo op entrance to matsun island in near koh samui

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moored thai long boat at pig island thailand

The island with the pigs in Thailand

Let’s start with the real draw – the pigs! Koh Mudsums pigs did not always live on the island and whilst monkeys, snakes and lizards are all very common sites around Thailand, pigs are less so. So how did they get to the island? I’ve heard a couple of stories, firstly that these pigs swam from a neighbouring island and secondly that the local bar tender bought them from a livestock market and transported them himself. I tend to think that the later is more likely but however they got there, they really are super cute.

a black pig on the beach in thailand

I counted around 10 or them, some fully grown, some little piglets roaming free around the island. They’re super friendly and not in the slightest bit scary. They seem to spend their days sunbathing, cooling off in the sea and snaffling watermelon and corn from visitors to the island. You can buy small bags of pig food from the islands restaurant. The kids were over the moon to chase them around the beach.

piper quinn feeding the wild pigs on koh mudsum

I wouldn’t exactly call them wild pigs but they are definitely more free range than any others I’ve seen in Thailand.

the back of three pigs on pig island, thailand

How to get to Pig Island, Thailand

It’s really easy to get to Koh Mudsum from Koh Samui but it’s a good idea to book your pig island tour, Koh Samui at least a few days before you want to visit to ensure you get your chosen time. Pig island is very popular and can get a bit busy.

thai long boat seen from another boat

We booked a longboat tour to Koh Mudsum. It was a fantastic way to travel to the island and the beautiful boat really added to the excitement. We were collected from our hotel and driven to Thong Krut Pier on the South of the island. Then it was a short wade through the water to jump on our transport for the day.

two young girls, one wearing sunglasses and beach wear wading through calf deep clear sea water

Our skipper was super friendly and made sure the kids were safe and settled before we set off. After around twenty minutes we stopped for a quick snorkel in the crystal clear water, the kids were required to wear life vests in the sea which were provided by the Pig Island tour organisers.

kids getting ready to go snorkeling off a long boat near koh samui. They are wearing life jackets

When we’d had our fill of the sea life it was back on the boat and onwards to pig island. We had several hours to relax, sunbathe, grab some food and drink and play with the pigs before our skipper rounded us back up to head back just before sunset.

view of the sea and island from pig island

We were a group of seven so had the whole boat to ourselves for the day which meant we could spend as long as we liked at each stop.

celebrating aboard a thai long boat

See all the options for Koh Mudsum tours on Get Your Guide. Be aware that if the sea looks like it will be too choppy the boats will not risk making the crossing. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to either.

long boats moored in shallow water on matsum island

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piper quinn looking extremely happy on a thail long boat wearing an orange life jacket

What to do on Koh Mudsum apart from the pigs

Once you’ve had your fill of the pigs (if you get your fill of the pigs!) then there is still plenty more things to do on Koh Mudsum. The beach is absolutely stunning with soft white sand and gently lapping waves.

back of karen quinn walking on a beach on koh mudsun

The sea will be plenty warm enough to swim in and kids will love playing in the shallow water. If you want to swim a bit further out grab a snorkel and you’ll spot some gorgeous sealife.

long boat leaving pig island beach

Or you can borrow a kayak and explore the surrounding islands. The beach reminded me of Taling Ngam on Koh Samui only cleaner!

two yellow kayaks resting on a white sandy beach

You’ll find plenty of sun loungers dotted around the beach for relaxing and it’s well worth taking the time to wander around the island meeting the resident rabbits and chickens.

looking at the bar area on koh mudsum through the tress

piper quinn meeting a rabbit on koh mutsum

This is a place for rest and relaxation, there are no full moon parties, street markets or swanky restaurants, it’d the perfect place to just breathe it all in. Kids will love the wooden swings, it really is an island for all ages.

girl standing on wooden swing on pig island in thailand

The restaurant on Koh Mutsum

There is one small, rather rustic restaurant on Koh Mudsum. what it lacks in contemporary style it more than makes up for in authenticity. Food and drink is great value and nothing beats sitting at one of the wooden tables with a cold beer soaking in the view.

piper quinn eating an ice cream with a watermelon smoothie at the restaurant in koh mudsum

The kids loved the fresh fruit, smoothies and ice creams. We only enjoyed snacks at the restaurants but if you do want a how dish you may have to wait over an hour for it to be cooked.

the restaurant on koh mudsum

Toilets on Koh Madsum

There are a couple of toilets available for visitors on the island, they are pretty basic and you’ll need to use a bucket to flush. Make sure you bring some toilet paper and sanitiser. These are a bit hit and miss all over Thailand.

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How long is the boat to Koh Mudsum

The boat journey from Koh Samui to Pig island leaves from Thong Krut Pier and should only take half an hour. If you opt for a speedboat pig island tour from Koh Samui it will be even quicker. Most tours will stop off on the way to the island which will add time.

two young girls on a small long boat. They are smiling at the camera wearing orange life vests

Where to stay on Koh Mudsum

If you fancy extending your trip to Koh Mudsum you can now stay on the island at the Treasure Resort. This is an upmarket, luxury hotel. It’s all villas, some with private pools,  designed in modern Thai style. As there’s very little to do on pig island this is a great option if you’re looking to spend a few days in complete relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of Samui.

Or you could opt for a family friendly hotel in Koh Samui and do the day trip to Koh Madsun.

two girls on the swings on matsum island thailand

Where is Pig Island, Thailand

Koh Mudsum is located a few kilometres off the South Coast of Koh Samui.

Other Koh Samui Islands

Koh Samui belongs to an archipelago of around 60 islands all varying in size and habitation. Koh Samui is by far the most populated, developed and favoured by tourists. As I’ve described, Koh Mat Sun is well worth a visit for it’s friendly pigs and laid back feel.  Koh Pha Ngan is another favourite of ours with its crazy monthly full moon party. Koh Tao is another popular island in the Koh Samui Archipelago as it is one of the best for diving. Although I really do love all of them I do think that pig island, Thailand is my favourite.

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