Vegas vow renewal with kids

Our Vegas Vow Renewal with Kids

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that she’s an only child or that it’s just her nature to want to be involved in everything. But something Piper always mentions is that she wishes she was at our wedding. When we decided to head to Las Vegas for a quick break I just knew I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. And everyone wants to repeat their wedding day right?! Here’s all the details of our Vegas vow renewal with kids, how to get them involved and why I definitely think it’s worth planning for your next trip.

Involving kids in the vow renewal

When to tell the kids

We didn’t tell Piper that we were planning to renew our vows until we were on the flight. I had ordered her a little bracelet with a charm that said “will you be me bridesmaid?” and surprised her just after take off. Nigel was flying separately  which made our flight like a mini hen do with lots of giggles, excitement and plans.

nigel quinn hugging his 10 year old daughter at this wedding renewal

Writing the vows

Being a renewal rather than an actual wedding the vows can be fun and informal, you actually don’t need any at all if that’s not your thing. I got Piper involved in the writing of mine over ice cream and coffee the day before our renewal. We focussed on things we love, that make us giggle and I scribbled it all down on a scrap of paper. I won’t pop them all on here but they involved a lot of love and an obsession with taking the bins out. Tears all round.

karen quinn and nigel quinn at their vow renewal

Let them choose what to wear

As Piper had never been a bridesmaid I knew she would want to go all the way with a pretty dress and flowers. I had packed several suitable dresses for her so she could choose when we arrived in Vegas. The rest would be perfect for meals out and show visits.

the quinn family outside the wee kirk wedding chapel in las vegas

Encourage kids to speak or sing along during the renewal

Confident kids may want to get involved further and actually speak during your renewal. If they wouldn’t be comfortable with that then make sure they know the words to the music you choose so everyone can sing along. We had an Elvis renewal so there were plenty of Elvis songs which I surreptitiously had playing around the house before we left. If you are swapping rings or other special items, you could ask the kids to carry them in.

family of 3 dancing to an evlis impersonator during their vow renewal

Have plenty of pictures as a family

Wedding photos can feel like they take forever but I really recommend taking the time to get the ones you want. Yes Piper (and Nigel) got insanely bored with all the many poses they were asked to strike but looking back at them now fill us with so much joy. If you really want to get the kids involved in your vow renewal, make sure they feature in the photos. And ask your photograpers to take as many candid shots of them as possible. These are the ones you’ll cherish.

the quinn family posing at their wedding renewal with elvis and 10 year old daughter

Keep the celebrations going after the wedding

This is the one part of the day i wish we could have done differently. Nigel had an evening event for work so we couldn’t celebrate too much. We did manage to walk down to Fremont Street to take in the light show with a quick drink but a fancy meal out for the three of us would have felt much more special. Book that family friendly restaurant you’ve always wanted to visit and reminisce about your day. Or plan to visit somewhere you can continue taking photos dressed in your wedding best. The Las Vegas Boneyard museum would be perfect for this or even a trip to the famous Las Vegas sign.

To Elvis or not to Elvis?

We knew we wanted our vow renewal to be all about the laughs, love and fun. We did romantic and serious 10 years ago at our wedding in the Cotswolds. Plus this is Vegas, going full on cheese feels almost compulsory. Piper found our Elvis absolutely hilarious. Singing along to his well known songs, however cringy, had us all howling with laughter. Elvis walked Piper and I down the aisle and conducted the service, this took a lot of the pressure off, especially as it was just the three of us. If you want something more formal and upmarket, you may want to forego the impersonator.

elvis impersonator walking karen quinn and her daughter down the aisle

Choosing a family friendly renewal venue

Before you part with your deposit make sure you have plenty of communication with your venue and ask them how they can incorporate the kids into your day. You’ll be able to tell just how family friendly they are and whether they will make the effort to make the experience special for the whole family. Check out the venue and photograper’s social media pages to see if they’ve managed to get some photos you love of other weddings with kids.

Cost of a Vegas Vow Renewal

Renewing your vows in Vegas is surprisingly good value. There really is something for every budget. We opted for the Wee Kirk Wedding Chapel which opened in the 1940’s making it one of the oldest in Vegas. It was quick and cheap and we paid around £250 which included the ministers fee and tips. Our photos cost around another £200. Unfortunately the Wee Kirk has since been demolished but there are plenty of others in this price range. You could also try the Little Vegas Chapel which also does Elvis renewals.

We did hair and make up together ourselves which saved some money. But most wedding chapels will have recommendations for stylists who can come and do it for you. This will probably add another £150. We bought matching bouquets with us in our luggage, I found artificial ones on Etsy. Most wedding chapels will allow you to hire one when you arrive but again this will cost more.

You could opt to renew your vows at one of the hotels where the cost can go into the £1,000s.

Is a Vegas Vow Renewal with kids for me?

If you’re feeling romantic and after a super special way to celebrate in Vegas with kids then I’d say it’s a big yes. It’s a wonderful way to commemorate your family and get the kids involved in a special occasion you’ll remember forever.

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