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Visiting the Hunger Games Exhibition Las Vegas

Do you love the Hunger Games trilogy? Or do you have young kids in the family who watch the movies obsessively? Both my daughter and I can’t get enough of Katniss Everdeen and her epic story so when we visited Sin City I knew we had to visit the Hunger Games Exhibition Las Vegas.

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piper quinn standing next to a picture of Katniss Everdeen

Our Hunger Games Exhibition Review

The fun begins at the bottom of long elevator where you can purchase tickets, check in and find your first photo opportunities. It is bright, modern very in keeping with the Hunger Games theme. There’s a great little shop selling fabulous hunger games merchandise and a few costumes from the films on display. You may need to wait a few minutes here before you can enter the exhibition, it’s just how they manage flow through of people.

piper quinn posing in front of a wall of white roses

Once you go through the doors you’ll be whisked right into the playing arena. Into the dark woods and past some brilliant models of the characters in their original dress.

characters in woods at hunger games exhibition

Next it’s on to the Capital train fully stoked and ready for the trip, you’ll watch the train pass through the districts through the large multimedia screen windows.

table on the capital train from hunger games

Once you exit the train carriage you’ll be able to test your knowledge on an interactive, multiple choice Hunger Games quiz.

interactive quiz screens at hunger games exhibition las vegas

Then it’s into President Snow office where you can sit in his big read chair. It actually feels surprisingly eerie.

piper sat on president snows red chair behind his huge desk

After you’ve had your fill exploring the office you’ll be able to view some of the amazing costumes from the movies. My favourites were Katniss’ show dresses. Especially the Mockingjay with wings. They’re absolutely stunning up close.

katniss everdeens mockingjay dress

You can also try you hand at some fighting stances and investigate the inner workings of the Hunger Games World. Being huge fans we were geeked out of our minds with all this extra info.

learning to fight watching characters on a big screen at hunger games las vegas

Finally you can practice your archery skills, a helpful instructor will take you through how to hold your bow and shoot your arrows at  a huge interactive screen.

piper trying archery at the hunger games exhibition

We absolutely loved our visit and found all staff extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They were clearly all massive Hunger Games fans and were happy to chat for ages.

exhibition shop full of hunger games merchandise

How much does it cost to visit

Tickets for the Hunger Games Exhibition in Las Vegas cost $35 for adults and $25 for kids. You can book your tickets before you visit online here.

one of the costumes from the hunger games movies

Where is the Hunger Games Exhibition Las Vegas

You’ll find the Hunger Games Exhibition at the MGM Grand Hotel. It is in the District area of the hotel. From the lobby, walk past Wolfgang Pucks restaurant and it’s just on the right past the wedding chapel.

How long does it take to go through the Hunger Games Exhibition

We spent around an hour and a half exploring the exhibition. You could easily spend longer checking out all the detailed exhibits.

young girl reading an interactive screen at hunger games exhibition

Hunger Games Exhibition Hours

The Exhibition is open daily between 10 am and 7 pm.

If you’d like to read the hugely popular Hunger Games Trilogy before you visit the exhibition you can buy the books on Amazon for a great price.

rows of costumes from the hunger games movies

May the odds be ever in your favour!

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